I was searching for a new workout routine when I stumbled across this:

Really Reebok? Who is in charge of your advertising, because I know of a fantastic firm that would NEVER have let you all embarrass yourselves like this. 
How does this appeal to the general male populous? This isn’t comical or even remotely a “only-guys-would-truly-get-this” ad. You paid good money, earned through reaching out to both males and females (I’m sure a majority of your consumer base is in fact women), to an idiot who came up with this for your brand? It’s disrespectful and offensive. How is it that not a single person stood up to say this idea was moronic? More-over, how could you blatantly segregate your male and female consumers? Rude! You’re perpetuating a cycle that belittles women and that is just plain awful. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Something needed to be said.
Their ads [and those of many other corporations] seem to be working hard at this backward thinking. What gives, folks? We need to continue to empower young women so that they may strive for greatness, not making them feel as if they’re replaceable and meaningless. 
In an effort to becoming healthier people (I promise I’ll get off my soapbox soon) we need to be better to each other.

To the guys: 
Please be a man that your girl can be proud of; open the door often, shower her with forehead kisses and be her knight in shining armor. Understand that she’s not perfect, but is constantly trying to be so for you. Never underestimate her passion for life, her hopes and dreams and know that you are a pivotal person in her world. Relationships are hard and they take work, but when you find the right girl (whether she is Mrs. Forever or simply in-the-moment) treat her with the same respect and tenderness that you wish to receive. 
For my girls:
Be honest and open with your guy, but remember that [though partnerships are important] you do not need a man to define you. Be yourself and be sure to let him in. Spoil him with your wonderful laugh and a good tickle fight. Appreciate him for loving you and being there when your world seems to be falling apart. Lean on him as much as he leans on you. Be sure to get through life together, with sweet words and warm hugs.   
No, I didn’t make mention to same-sex partnerships. Wondering why?
It’s because (though I’m sure it occurs) same-sex couples seem to have come to a realization that heterosexual couples can’t seem to grasp:  Everyone wants to be loved. To truly love someone means to accept them for everything they are – mind, body and soul. Love is something so deep that it cannot fit into a tiny box that society tries to shove it in. They understand the gravity of fighting for someone to cherish and be allowed to do so and, for that, I applaud them.
Try to live out your life in a positive way, always thinking of the upside. Maybe if more of us do that, we won’t have so much negativity floating around. We could rid the world of scummy awful offensive crud and be happier. It pays to be happy and studies have shown that endorphin-filled, happy people live longer, healthier lives. 
It amazes me to find how health can transcend so many different realms and yet they’re all relative to each other. In what ways have you reached out lately? Are you any closer to that happy + healthy lifestyle?