Always more caffeination!

Over the weekend, we went on phaaabulous (and quite slippery) adventures while wandering about on the ice. You guessed it, plenty of coffee trips! We heart any reason to be dorky together.

It was bundles of fun and I was delusional enough to think my week would continue on as fan-flippin-tastic.
Granted, my week was not horrendous – it has been quite challenging. I almost cried yesterday.

Naturally, I wanted to eat my feelings.
As we needed groceries, it was not the brightest notion to leave me to my own devices at Central Market. But the beau wanted to mill about at home and I was late getting home from work. Meetings upon meetings for teachers, ya know? I digress…
Getting back to my gem, CM:
Any of you who have shopped in this foodie haven know damn straight what I’m talking about. Those who havent – get to one, ASAP! They’re ahhhh-mazing!
Seriously, I’m glad it wasn’t pay-day, or I would have left with much more of their slobberific products.
Still, I threw down more than expected and purchased interesting treats such as popovers, strawberry&goat cheese muffins, turkey meatloaf, Scottish salmon (immediately thought of plating these fillets in broccoli & Julienne pepper kilts), sexy fajita mix and Sea Salt Truffle Brownie Mix.


YUM-O! Right?
I went a little loose-ends with all the goodies – just call me a NOMS-retail-shopping savant.
Everything we tried from the bakery was delish! Basil & Garlic Popovers (bundles of bready joy that explode in your mouth!) – they were delightful after microwaving them for 35 seconds. The muffins are the beau’s new fave. I made a version of these a few weeks ago…recipe’s in here somewhere & I’ll insert it once I find the darn thing.

Today was much better, though I didn’t find time to work off the doughnut from this morning or the lovely trio below. There’s no way I was able to eat everything, but sampling these treats was a nummy part of my day.


Latin treats to brighten up my foodie-self!


OH! I almost forgot! I made these lovely blondies. Inspired by Katie and her super-awesome healthy dessert blog, I set out to make these nomNomnom smart blondies! Mmmm! Scrumptious stuff from this kick-ass girlie. <3 her!

I substituted sunbutter (the sunflower seed version of peanut butter), added white chocolate chips, and was pretty liberal with the ingredients. I am going to add cranberries or strawberries this time around though. Pictures to follow!
The recipe is super simple and allowed me to use our Ninja blender, in the dough mixer. I tossed all the ingredients in, then poured the batter into a foil-lined Pyrex pan to bake.
Check it out –


Just before blending this blondie mix


Set Batter, batter, batter…


Ooh-la-LOVELY! Gooey NOMS.

Bet ya’d never guess these beauts are made with garbanzo beans! They’re also gluten and dairy free.
WHOMP! There it is…the yumminess lies in most things.

Have an amazing week and try this recipe. It’s amazeballs!

Much love,