Spontaneous winery visits are equally grand! 

Last week, I met my sorority sisters for lunch at Landon Winery, in Greenville, TX. This particular location is in the heart of Downtown Greenville, and is nothing short of idyllic. This quaint little pop-stand caught me by surprise. I hoped for their wine selection to be phenomenal, but my palate only fell for the Rose. I brought two bottles home for myself, to sip while frantically finishing my ConLaw readings. [I’m still pining over a potential wine club membership, btw.]

Since the girls and I met for lunch, and I’d been in too much of a rush to eat a proper breakfast, my eyes flew straight to the available pastas. Chicken + broccoli alfredo? Yes, please!


Let me just say – the core of this establishment houses one helluva chef! Nearly every last morsel was devoured. I honestly don’t think many of us did much talking once our plates arrived. For 8 chatty women, this was definitely a FIRST! Everything was so scrumptious. I already want to drive back out for another visit.


Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich & House Fries


The menu provided ample options, and all items were college-budget friendly! Honestly, the food was served in hearty portions.  Had I know been so ravenous, I could have brought home half of my pasta dish. The fact that I left nothing on my plate is a testament to the delectableness of my lunch choice.



The service here was spot-on! The waitress doubled as a sommelier, who was kind and accepted the challenge of finding a wine “just right” for some of us. The ambiance of the winery + bistro had such an inviting feel, the dark wood floors almost seemed like we were soaking up time inside a cask of our own.  [Note to self – check to see if wine baths are a thing…]

If you need a break from your hectic week, or simply want to enjoy a great meal with wonderful people – stop by Landon Winery. These loves do not disappoint.