This semester was a beast. I don’t think I’ve worked harder than in this second semester of my 2L year. Does everyone else feel this way?

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This semester consisted of more coffee runs, more reading, and lots of mini panic attacks. So much effort went into this semester and, quite frankly, it terrifies me that a final can derail all that hard work. We have no clue what the essay questions are going to look like and I could’ve spent tons of time working on something I deemed important, but the professor didn’t.
It’s a gamble, so you basically need to study everything and hope that you get asked questions you are confident answering.

I have a final exam today worth 60% of my grade. Damn.
When our class grumbled about it, our professor’s reaction was totally nonplussed.

I get it, we’re big kids now and we need to know all the things. But, still…damn.

This course helped me finish reading Chemerinsky’s 5th edition.
The entire book, y’all. I’ve read the whole flipping thing.
Don’t let anyone tell you 2L is easy. I read an average of 300 pages a week.
Brutal…that’s a better descriptor. Your 2L year will likely be brutal.


I’ve read the cases, taken quizzes, prepped and reviewed my outline but – when it comes to first amendment rights – I get lost in the scrutiny types and the time crunch and then a deep sense of dread sets in during exams. Taking that deep breath before starting the exam is key for me but sometimes I forget.

Highly recommend the deep breath and a power pose. 

For those of you working on these finals, I hope you do amazing things; may the knowledge stay with you and the curve be ever in your favor.

The extra-good vibes can’t hurt, right?

This past week has been stressful for everyone. I particularly love the hilarious questions I’ve had to answer because of the brain-lapses students (including myself) experience during finals mode and studying like fiends.

My favorite so far is “what food is allowed in the library?”


LOL. True story.
Just keep your study areas clean  – there are no house elves here!

I hope your studying pays off and that you end this year on a phenomenal note.
Happy Book Surfing!