Holy smokes. Today was…

We got wrecked. Anyone who says otherwise is [I’m fairly certain of this] lying. Those six hours were brutal and I know I must have looked like crap walking back into the hotel because, without saying a single word to her, one of my classmates said “yeah, girl. we all feel that way.”

Seriously, if you know someone taking the Bar Exam this week, please, for the love of all things holy, send them some love. This test really effs with your mind. It’s so easy to talk yourself into the wrong answer because yeah – the Board of Law Examiners likes to test the finer points of law and wants to try and trip you up. I caught myself arguing my way into a certain answer and then, after bubbling in the response, realizing I’d read the fact pattern too fast and the answer was actually something entirely different.

I walked out feeling like I’d been hit by a freight train…and that was only after the first half of the day! I opted to grab lunch and eat in my hotel room while sifting through a few more criminal law topics and torts issues that I felt I didn’t know quite like I should. I didn’t decompress. There was no time to prattle on or chat with my guy (who I kindly told to leave me alone so I could review). Maybe I should have — but I chose to run through my outlines again, just to refresh my brain. A choice I’m sure I will repeat again tomorrow.

There was so much reading. 100 questions in the morning and another 100 in the afternoon. The BLE was not playing, y’all. Those fact patterns were lengthy. I read pretty damn fast and found it difficult to get through them all. Ugh. The migraine resulting from today was spectacular. But you know what? We made it through Day 2!

I’m incredibly proud, albeit a few inches smaller.

Overall, I expected Day 2 to be harder than Day 1. As hard as it actually was? No. I didn’t think it would be that bad. If I fail the Bar, it will be because of this day. Let me be real honest here. The MBE section was tough, and I’m feeling properly blundered. Thankfully, the MBE section is scaled. So, let’s hope for that good ol’ curve!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Bar Exam.
My advice to you (and me) is this:
Thinking about how you did so far, is fruitless. Study up, rest up, and then have a damn good breakfast and show that Bar who’s boss tomorrow! You’re gonna write amazing things!

Do great work! I’m rooting for each one of you. <3