So true, Jilly…so true. Though she is still cataloged as a “Skinny Bitch” in my mind, I do consider her a good role model. I’ve purchased her “30 Day Shred” and “Ripped in 30” but I haven’t given them their full 30 days yet. I’m going to keep my workout routine for 1 more week and then delve into one of these puppies, plus add in the YOGA DVD from P90X, three times a week. I like a bit of variety in my routine, and let’s face it…Tony Horton is a hottie! It’s nice to have something nummy nummy to look at while working out. The comfort of working out in my own living room is really nice as well and, on (what I know will soon come) my especially lazy days, there’s now no excuse for staying home and being a couch-slug. 
Now, I recently purchased one of the many “Biggest Loser” recipe books. I haven’t made any of the recipes just yet, but I promise to upload pictures this weekend when I try out one or two of them. The ones with pictures look positively mouth-watering. However, a nice picture does not necessarily mean it doesn’t taste like gypsum board, which unfortunately – several health foods do! As a college student on a serious budget, it may be a bit difficult to get all of the ingredients required to make most of those meals. I’ll budget for them and let you know the best places to pick up everything! 
OH! Guess what?! Today was my weigh-in and, since last Tuesday, I have lost 2 pounds! I have followed my points allotment and not cheated on a single thing. I have been very careful to monitor everything I consume and only used 9 of my splurge points (out of the unholy 49 I’m allowed per week). I’m loving this WW program and I highly recommend you try it! No, I’m not being paid to say this – and for that matter I should add that I am only using the online and app resources. I don’t believe in going to meetings to talk about the evils of food. Honestly, how can apple fritters and chicken-stuffed avocados be evil? Nonsense. They’re freaking delicious! I’m simply trying to find the healthier,more-fit, sexy-body self that I managed to have lost. I’m trying to get that body back, so I can indulge every now and then. Again…everything in moderation.
Ok…for my funny-optimistic-hilariously-random moment of today, but before I tell you, let me say as a side note, this completely reminded me of Jen Lancaster’s gym experience in “Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest To Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie is Not The Answer”. If you haven’t read it, or any of her other bitch-I-speak-my-mind-as-I-damn-well-please books, do yourself a favor and get one NOW!
So, my gym story:
I walked into the SLC (Baylor’s exercise facilities, which are…gorgeous! Glad to know my tuition money is being well-spent), dropped off my purse in my locker and headed to my favorite machine, the elliptical! 😀 I don’t like to be working out right next to someone – unless of course I know them – because some people are loud breathers/grunters/have too much B.O.-ers..whatever, I simply like to work out where I can have my own bubble-space for thoughts and what-not. Anyhow, I was glad to see that there were several machines available and hopped on one, set up my NOOK and pressed the “weight-loss” option for a 45 minute workout. Now I’m working out for a good 20 minutes, have worked up a great sweat and am deeply into the novel I’m reading, when I hear a loud sigh. I look up and see a girl giving me the stank-eye. Yes, stank. She was all I’m-judging-you-and-so-want-you-to-know-it. I smiled and kept on striding. She however, was swishing her legs like she was seriously trying to speed-skate out of there. I mean, her machine was swaying. These things are heavy…she was going for lift-off. I kid you not. She finished her workout, took a few steps toward the door and I could visibly see a light bulb go off in her eyes. This chickie had the audacity to turn around, come to face me and say “You know, you’re doing it wrong. Why aren’t you working harder?” 
Swear to God, this is what flashed through my mind: 

Continuing my workout…
Me: “Well, I am sweating up a storm here and my heart-rate is within my max workout target, so I am working as hard as I am supposed to. If you ask me, though I know you didn’t – you’re not working out right. You nearly flew off the damn machine.”
Kelsey (as I later found out her name): “Yeah right. What do you mean target heart rate?”
I then explained to her where your heart rate should be during a workout and which levels of exercise burn the most calories. I helped her work out her target heart rate and, as I suspected, she was over-clocking her processor. She was at 118% of her weight-loss range. She was seriously over-working. Mind you, I’m still working out as I explain all of this, in short bursts and using my NOOK to help her calculate everything. 
Kelsey: “Oh, well…how do you know all this?”
Me: “I’m a Biology major. I’m supposed to know this.” Dr. Tandy would be oh-so-proud! 
She changed her tune and was very nice. She waited for me to finish my workout and we grabbed a bottle of water and headed out. She may even be my workout buddy for the week. She learned something today, and I’m glad I taught it to her. But I learned something too, people can be really fucking mean. I’m positive she was thinking all sorts of nasty why-are-you-so-fluffy kinds of thoughts, because she told me so, but I was still nice to her. Some people surprise me by what they do and say. I may be fluffy, but I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Does it really matter what size my jeans are? I mean, I still love running and coffee and singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs…what’s wrong with that?
Sometimes we’re faced with hard decisions. Today, mine was between verbally eviscerating this chickie-poo or being nice. I chose the latter, because as an optimist – I’m always searching for the good in people. As it turns out, hers was hiding under the extra-small Nike shorts and tights that were apparently cutting off the oxygen to her brain.