What does sexy mean to you? Lately I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve been keeping up with my exercise and am boosting my goal of running 3 days per week to 5 times a week. I run/jog for about an hour a day and on Friday I hit the 5 mile mark. Guess what? Despite the disgusting amount of sweat spurting out of my body, I felt fantastic. Flabkilling! It was great! After a week of working out, I’m no longer too sore, though my muscles tend to scream a little when I’m pounding the pavement. My complexion is getting better, especially considering that I’ve been drinking nothing but water every day. My diet has changed and everything I choose to eat is much healthier. You can see from the above picture that I take great care in making my salads. I LOVE salads! They’re versatile and always tasty. I highly recommend you getting used to eating more greens. Fruits and veggies, not from a can or with added flavors/seasoning in the frozen foods section, are usually worth 0 points through WW, so this means that I can eat plenty of them every day without killing my daily points total. I enjoy snacking on a banana or apple through my day. I recently purchased some black and red plums and loved them! Many people will tell you that the sugar in fruits is bad for you, but to them I say – Everything in Moderation! Eat until you’re happy, not bursting at the seams. There is absolutely NO need to unleash that top button on your jeans. Let’s get real people, no one needs to see your undies. I’ll be sure to update this again tonight, after my workout. I’m going for another 5 miles today, on the elliptical this time. I’ve been taking my NOOK color and reading throughout my workout. I was pleasantly surprised to find that reading works better for me than listening to music or watching a television show on the machine I choose to workout on. If you’re an avid reader, take a book or your eReader (hey, even your smartphone will do the trick!) and let me know how your workout goes. :] Kick some butt and stay positive! You’re working hard to lose that weight and your progress will soon show. I can barely wait to see my total progress in a few weeks!