My study snack, in all it’s nummy glory! Mmm, Sunbutter! (Side note: I’ve eaten three bananas today, heaven knows why?) I splurged and went for a Nervous Breakdown, swooped up from my favorite little coffee shack near campus (Common Grounds, a.k.a. – CG, pushing coffee to the brilliant Baylor masses and the hipsters who only drink it ’cause it’s totes awesome!)
Today has been a splurg-y kind of day, all. It’s a study day. What more can I say? I’m freaking out about graduation and the need to ace this exam tomorrow. I really wanted to stuff my gob with Doritos and KitKats (a SarahDill signature), but was easily distracted by the banana (and of course, the complete lack of junk food in my apartment forced my healthy snack. Go me, bt-dubs, for not having any sugary-crap to snarf! 10 points for Grrryffindor!)
I’m seriously sweating this exam guys, about to flip-the-heck out. A lot is riding on this. Why can’t it just be a swish-and-pat, congrats-you-survived-your-undergrad and get-the-heck-out? This business is for the birds! I’m pre-med and sick of studying. My brain feels kinda like egg-drop soup, all mush. Hence, my decision to write about this, putting aside my studies to muse about my crazy-hectic-life. I just realized that I’m still wearing a bra…I’ve been so focused on studies that I forgot about being comfy! Girls, you know what I mean! It’s nearly midnight, for jeebus-sake! 

I’ve got one more chapter to review and lord if it doesn’t feel like a sprint to the finish. Finals are next week and I could damn near cry with happiness. 

For now, I’ll keep up the duck-act and just keep paddling! There’s a hardcore workout waiting for me tomorrow, as I blew off my workout today in order to study…and I’m completely torn up about it. I feel soooooo guilty! The 5 mile run tomorrow will feel splendiferous, so I won’t feel so twitchy about all this growing up business. 

Until tomorrow! Make healthy choices and stay on track. Remember, my goal is to hit the gym 5 times a week, and I’ve only just missed today (I have plenty more days left to meet my goal of 3 more workouts this week!) Keep pushing, at whatever it is you’re doing. Grad school? Get it! Losing a few more inches? Hop to it! Make it happen and keep a smile on your face. You’ll feel great and look great and just be plain awesome! 

Much love!