Alright…this looks seriously scrumptious! I’m very excited about this new blog I found and even more excited about tweaking some of these amazing recipes to be a bit healthier (most of them are pretty great already though). The easiest thing to cut out of the recipes I have found is OIL! Switching out the recommended amount for a bit of EVOO spray is a cinch! Trust me, if I can take out all the added oils from the traditional Mexican food that my family and I make, then it’s possible to remove it from almost everything! Yes, oils are healthy for you since your body cannot create them and requires them in order to function…so don’t cut them out ENTIRELY! Be frugal with them though. 

Now, I’m adding something to my adventure: Healthier cooking, with a twist.

It’s going to start out as a weekly kind of thing (Friday-Saturday), because I prefer to cook in my own kitchen [that I return to on the weekends, away from school], as opposed to the one I am subleasing and sharing with 4 other people. It’s so not fun to make nummy, nummy foods, only for someone else (whom you did not slave over a stove/oven for) to paw up the leftovers for themselves. Not cool, yo! 
This weekend, I’ll be sure to try something new and post up pictures, plus the recipe and nutrition info. I am not one to give up all of my favorite foods, so I’m looking for healthier ways to make them or overall alternatives. I’d like to start with the above CAKE, but that would probably be naughty of me…so I’ll think of something else to scrounge up. I’m sure the boy-fran will be excited!

Any suggestions or recipes you’d like for me to make would be greatly appreciated, so put your two cents in!