Sometimes the junk is hard to resist…
Let’s face it, we all have “cheat” days. For me, I cheat on healthy foods when I study, and boy is it a love affair! It’s so much easier for me to reach for a bottle of Mountain Dew and  a bag of Doritos + Kit Kats. The perfect study snack, right? 
I’m still learning to move away from the junk food, and I’m completely smitten with my friend, The Dew. So…I opted for a healthier Teddy Graham option and limited myself to ONE 16 oz. bottle of the awesome green bubbly. 
Again…everything in moderation! 
As I’m getting ready for my midterm (and pulling an almost-all-nighter) I realized where most of my pounds started accumulating. 
The culprit? My late-night study and snack routine. 
Those 2am kit-kats and soda-breaks through SoRo are the cause of all the junk in my trunk. This booty just won’t quit. I know that’s probably not much to truly complain about…I mean, I could have no booty and that would make me sad. I’m quite fond of said booty, though I want it to not be so…in-your-face. Hence, the workouts!
Unfortunately, studying takes up my time and then I forget to work out. 
Set an alarm! I now set a “Get your Sexy Self to the Gym” alarm and it reminds me to step away from my academic prison to get me some endorphins! 
Try the alarm idea…it works so well for me!

Get that trunk moving and have fun doing it!


The Teddies…helping me study!