What I felt I looked like…
I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days, my apologies. Unfortunately I got food poisoning and couldn’t bother to be more than three feet from the bathroom. I went to Subway, of all the healthy places to stop and grab a bite – then three hours later, I became intimately acquainted with my porcelain throne. If you’ve never had the pleasure of puking your brains out, let me enlighten you: It was all kinds of crampy, sweaty and dry-heaving awful. It did make me wonder how some people could be bulimic, though. Personally, the thought of vomiting on purpose just makes me queasy. I felt horrendous and couldn’t even keep down water, for fitness sake!
How serious was this 2-day torture? I did not even crave coffee. Not one, single drop. As a matter of fact, the smell of it made me nauseous. That serious.  My philosophy on coffee is similar to that of a drunk and their alcohol of choice…dropping it or cutting it out is NOT an option! Just so you know. 🙂
So…hooray for feeling better and thank the exercise gods that I can now take a few steps without having to hold onto something.
I feel that I got better by eating some yummy soups. I didn’t feel like making anything, so I called in an order for Wonton Soup (just the broth…they thought it was a weird request) from my favorite Chinese restaurant in Waco. Cathay House! They have amazing food and fit perfectly into a college-kid budget. Not a single one of their dishes is above $7. Perfect, right? 
Along with the wonton soup broth (which was the only thing I forced down on Wednesday), I picked up a Mushroom Rice Noodle Soup Bowl by Thai Kitchen. It was only 3 WW points [not that it mattered, since the only other thing I had was sips of water] and was very tasty. [I had my taste buds working at half-power on Thursday, so it may have been on the saltier side and I honestly had no clue] I followed the microwaveable directions and added half a cup of Green Giant mixed veggies. After a nap, I was on the mend: fast-track style! 
Super Tasty, Quick to Make – You can’t go wrong!
Needless to say, my week was complicated and very rough. Just another obstacle. I didn’t get a chance to work-out much, but I did lose three pounds. All water-weight, no doubt…but I’m still feeling out-of-my-mind weak, so I won’t be running again until at least tomorrow evening. That said, let me give you some advice:
If you’re feeling crummy, don’t push it. There’s nothing to win from working out when your body is not able to benefit from your endeavors. Take a break, a day to gather yourself and then head back out there. Knowing your limitations is key to successfully losing weight. 
I hope your weekend is amazing! As for me? I’m hitting the books hard and spending my time making oodles of study-notes. Graduation is in a few weeks and I’m in the last leg of this all-out sprint. 
Until tomorrow!