I gave the Healthy Choice line another chance. 
This time: Ravioli Florentine Marinara. 
Surprise! It’s not as awful as the other brown trash they tried to pass off as food.
Again, their advertisement is wonky. These fools added cheese (this skyrockets my WW points, so I avoid it like the crazy cause of fat pants that it is), which does not come in a convenient tiny package within this microwaveable bowl of fancy deception. So, I ask…why did they sprinkle cheese on the pasta in the picture? What a farce!
The Florentine marinara sauce is enough to coat the raviolis (I’m sure this is their attempt to flavor-up their bland pasta). The pasta itself is thick, which adds a play-doh-like quality to the dish. I never thought I’d have edible clay for lunch. Honestly, it’s not as awful (though it’s not too much better) as the brown gunk that I tried to eat last week. This dish was palatable, but not great. I understand that it must be difficult to create a recipe and then preserve it in the freezer for weeks on end. I get it. But come on people! This close-to-carboard brilliance is one of the many reasons why America’s waistline continues to rise. Passing off something as “healthy” when it contains exorbitant amounts of sodium, is in fact – opposite of HEALTHY! 
This will be my last healthy choice meal, unless they can re-vamp their recipes and prove to me that they aren’t kitchen failures. I’d really like a crack at creating some delicious recipes for them. {hint, hint at an awesome possible job!} I have a few in mind that people may in fact fall head over heels for (but they’ll be my secret unless these guys ask me for help – which they may sorely need). Who eats this stuff? 
I keep trying to give these frozen “healthy” meals a chance, and then they fall ridiculously short of good, like an air-ball. Lesson officially learned and I am nixing the not-so-healthy choice options. 
On a much lighter note (yet, somewhat devastating to me), I fell asleep on my book today…while studying, at my desk. [Yes, I’m such a nerd genius pre-med student and have no life] My allergies have been wreaking havoc and the zyrtec wasn’t up to the battle. So, I guess my body decided to konk out. I ended up waking up at 8:45pm, successfully blowing my chance to get a work-out in. [insert colorful words and griping here]
I guess this girl will be hauling her big caboose out of bed to get a workout in before class tomorrow. Not so bad, right? Morning workouts make me feel so alive accomplished, like the entire day is mine for the taking! Muahaha!
At least, a morning run provides me with tons of energy to last throughout the entire day. Hooray for endorphins, right? Love them!
Anywhositwhatsit….I hope your Monday has been more munificent [don’t you just love my expanding GRE vernacular? Two points for gyffindor!] than manic. 
Rock out your week and be sure to get some exercise in! 
Also, remember to hydrate! I’m in Texas [howdy, ya’ll] and heat stroke is so very common, don’t be the person who didn’t get enough electrolytes in their system and passes out somewhere. You really don’t want to be the “funny” story that people tell at holiday parties, do you? 
Stay safe and work hard! I’ve got 12 pounds to go on my short-term goal. I’m not sure I’ll reach it, but I’m going to kill off as much flab as I can!