I may make this a weekly cheesefest, who knows! Consider yourself warned! 🙂
What I’m thankful for today: All things caffeine and the finale of exam three. Yay!
Yes, I <3 SB, however…my fave little place is by campus. Common Grounds, all the way!
This week has been pretty rough. I’m three weeks from graduation and dying drowning in my studies. The alarm I’ve been setting to help remind me to get to my workout is anything but helpful. More often than not, it ruins my concentration and ends up getting shoved to the bottom of my backpack. [I know, counter-productive…I’m sure my abs will kill me later.] I’m trying to be better, but the books keep reeling me back in! What a crazy mess. 
Due to missing workouts, I have learned to be a better snacker throughout this week. [It still amazes me that I don’t grab the candy + chips…the caffeine stays though. Don’t get any crazy thoughts, man!] But, I had a weird dream about desserts. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation and extreme amounts of java, but it was something like this:
I’m thinking Freud would say I have a problem. Oh, for the love of food!
I’m still drinking all my daily-joes [because, honestly…I’m a caffeine junky] but I’m going for skim milk [if any, at all] or a completely sugar-free, fat free option from the store. There are a few good ones, I promise! Instead of chips, I pack a bag of pretzels, one sliced apple and [if I’m staying waaaay late at the library] another baggie of quake bites – the adorable little rice snacks that I told you guys about earlier. 
All of these snacks are super yummy and keep my mouth moving, which tricks my brain into thinking I’m eating lots more than I actually am. Combine them with coffee [you’ll be quite upset if you combo coffee + apple, so avoid that sitch!] and you’ve got yourself an awesome snack to keep you roaring through those studies! Don’t avoid a good meal though! That’s a HUGE mistake. Take a break and make something tasty for your tummy!
Sadly, I felt like this through half the study time today: 
OK…Maybe through ALL my study time.
Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday! Get excited!
I’ve got a pile of graduation invitations to send out and a yummy lunch date with my beau. Feeling blessed! There’s so much left to do! I’ve got my fingers crossed for my last two exams. [prayers, please] I am so ready to be done with my undergrad! 
Wish me luck!
What are you thankful for today?
[I’ll be even more thankful for a regular sleep schedule in a few weeks.]
Have a great night, all!