It’s Starbucks Sunday Ya’ll! 
I’ve been there twice already (once for coffee and once for tea…don’t get all judge-y on me. I am still counting calories and points after-all!)
Perfect for beating the Texas heat!
It’s 105 (degrees, not celsius) in Dallas today. It’s melt-your-makeup-off-your-face scorching! Crazy heat, my friends! I’ve spent most of the day inside but did meet up with the boy and bestie for lunch and a coffee run. 😉 The beau indulged me and bought me my venti espresso madness. It’s delicioso, btw! By ordering a skinny version and holding the whip, my venti drink was only 210 calories. Completely do-able for the caloric range I’m in.
Since that it’s so hot, I’ve been keeping my workouts indoors. It’s very easy to get heat-stroke and collapse out on a trail, so my advice to you crazy-person braving the hellacious temperatures is:
1. Be sure to have a workout buddy. For example:
2. Stay hydrated! Always make sure you’re camelback/water bottle/beverage container is full. Or, at least have enough water to keep you hydrated for your run (and a little extra!)
— Side note: I’ve got a couple of friends who enjoy hiking on Sundays, mid-day. They always take water, food and supplies in case of an emergency. Remember to be prepared! 
As close to 8 glasses as you can get!
3. Don’t drown yourself in ice-cold water! Avoid this! Going out for a run and then stopping to use your ice-cold water as a quick cool down is NOT a good idea. I repeat, do not do this. Using a mister is perfectly fine, as the spray provides a gentle change to your external temperature. Drowning your head and/or most of your body in mega-cold water will only cause a form of shock. Be careful!
Ok…enough of the PSA – for now. 
Stay safe and make good choices. Pushing your limits is key to better fitness, but blowing past them and then getting hurt will not help you. 
I aim to feel like I’ve rocked a workout. I feel great, pushed myself a bit further each and every day. When I have an awesome workout, I leave the gym feeling epic!
Awesome workout songs make my workout bunches more fun!

Today I figured I’d enjoy some awesome coffee because I stepped on the scale and saw that I lost another pound! 😀 EEEP! I’m so very excited to be inching my way toward my weight goal. It’s not easy, but I’m getting there. How are you all doing? 
I hope that your journey is putting up a fight. If it’s not, then you may not be working hard enough. You need to remember how hard it is and then keep on going. Losing this weight needs to be memorable. You don’t want it back! Keeping a note of how crazy-difficult this has been will make it a lot easier to keep the weight off. Just kick it to the curb! Don’t quit. Find inspiration daily. It’s been working for me and I highly recommend it. Here’s today’s little nugget of exercise wisdom:
I love to RUN. My mind plays tricks on me and says I can’t do it. I’ve got to slap myself back into things and keep my eyes on the ultimate prize!