Mile 1: Just starting to break a sweat, the past 9 minutes have gone by smoothly. My legs are still reaching for the perfect stride and my asthmatic lungs are now warmed up.
Mile 2: My pace is steady, 18 minutes past and my breathing is a bit hitchy. Thoughts are wandering to the graduation next week and the impending doom of having so many crazy-wonderful family members around. I’ve got one of those families that’s like Swedish Fish, sometimes I just can’t get by without them and then other times I question my love of red-dye #5. But hey, who’s family isn’t like that?
Mile 3: I’m finally starting to pay attention to the John Mayer album playing on my iPod. I downloaded it today (kick-ass iTunes sale!)…but unfortunately it’s MEGA-soulful and kinda putting me to sleep, which is not a good thing. I can’t even imagine how unnatractive I must look right now. A seemingly drunken idiot weave-running down the bear trail. John’s newest album is not the best running buddy. I decide to switch to my “RANDOM-DANCING” mix, but miss (since I don’t bother stopping to look at the mini-screen and decide to chance it – because, let’s face it, if I stop running now, I may not get this momentum back. The iPod is now on some shuffle mode with Eminem screaming something at me. At least it’s not slow and dreamy. 
Mile 4: I’ve switched to some of my recorded notes, my newest form of study-torture. All I can think is…Christ, I sound like a Chippette. ::sigh:: How long have I been running? 
Mile 5: The notes are over and it’s starting to get hell-hath-fury HAWT! Yep, the sun is going down, but the sticky heat is unbearable. Sweet niblets, I’m drenched and seriously ready for winter to come sweeping in. I’m also out of water and my radiator is fixin’ to overheat. This run has been enlightening but I’m calling it quits after this.
Today was crazy-busy-awful-stressful-tiring and just plain bleh! The run helped, thank goodness. Endorphins are such great friends! 
Tomorrow, I’m going to the gym with the beau…or maybe another run. The solitude and rhythm of the thump-thump as my feet meet the pavement is always so very comforting. 
Did I make my love of running crystal? Awesome.
What’s your exercise passion?