I have finals this week, hence the lack of posts. On top of pushing back workouts and trying failing seriously trying to not eat junk food at my desk, I also have the worst case of test anxiety. As a senior who has sent out graduation invitations and is getting ready to have a major party with friends and family…well, it would flat out SUCK to bomb my final exam. Agreed? So here I am, shaking like an anorexic on an altoid crash (yes, I went there) attempting to keep the peace in my life. I just have to hold it together for a few more days, so I went hunting for inspiration. The stress of my family being here to see me fall flat on my face is enough to knock me off my damn hinges. I loathe kinda crave stress (who doesn’t?). It pushes me to do better, move faster, be stronger. But then it also makes me bat sh*t crazy! To deal with the elephant in the room (and my thighs that keep begging me to run), I’ve started to think of this mantra:
It sorta-kinda works…maybe about 50% of the time. BUT! I always smile. :]
Cool-runnings (though not fully-factual) is based on an underdog team from Jamaica that takes on the Winter Olympics. I am definitely an underdog in this finals scenario…ugh. Hopefully, I can ace this exam on Wednesday and get back to doing fun stuff! I am going for a run tomorrow, after class…I am in desperate need of some epic endorphins! 
My cheat today? A couple of bites of a classic cinnabon and a mountain dew. Caffeine-crazed? Most definitely! What are you all up to this wonderful (other than being cooped up to study) summer evening?
I’ll leave you with a little more awesomeness – I think it’s very apt for my current position: 
Much love! <3