I’ve been absent for quite a while. Sorry about that, friends! I do have fantastic news though! Life got quite crazy hectic wonderfully adventurous! I graduated! Sic ‘Em Bears! It will not be “official, marching across the stage and grabbing my diploma” until December because most of the fam couldn’t make it, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without all of them there!
Sic ‘Em Bears!
Class of 2012
I am so very blessed to have gotten this far. I’m still taking classes and working on getting into grad school for the Spring. There’s tons to plan and sometimes I feel like the amount of time I know I still have left to put into my education seems daunting. Never fear though, it’s all possible with little milestones.I’ve learned to start setting itty-bitty goals for moi!
How does little ol’ me know this? 
Mini-milestone: LOSE 10 POUNDS! 
Yup! I nailed that one. 
I’ve got another 40 to go and I’m kind of hating the work, but seeing the results makes it much easier to bear (no pun intended).
I haven’t gone for a RUN since the beau went to visit his family a week ago, but I plan on starting up tomorrow, as he will be here and more than willing to head out with me! That’s right, I’m quite the lucky gal with this guy. 😉 I also need to get a gym membership ASAP! 
So much to do!
I am loving the realness of this adult-life-thing though. It’s great!
How did the end of your summer turn out? Are you sticking to the plan you set out for yourself? If you fell off the bandwagon, don’t think it’s too late to hop back on.