I am one of the insanely blessed persons who gets stalked by allergies, all year long! It’s annoying and awful and they manage to make things worse. UGH! 
For the past two days I’ve felt siiiiiiick.
Mostly allergies, a bit of a cold. The horrible sinus headaches…oh my! Bleh. 
Total grossness. 
I felt like this:
My taste buds have been all screwy. I made meatloaf for the boys and it came out suuuuuper salty. 
Yesterday I went for a 3 mile walk with the beau and we paced a nice 11 minute mile, at a brisk walk. We talked and laughed and argued, you know…coupley stuff. The norm. 
I felt bundles better after a hot shower and some more tea. 
After last night’s sleep and a couple of naps today, I am definitely on the mend. 
Remember, when you’re feeling sicky-poo – try to pep up. Go for a walk. Drink some hot tea. [I <3 me some chamomile!] 
A nice hot shower or even a bath (don’t forget the bath bomb!)
Just do you!
Get in some R&R because sometimes when you get sick, it’s your body telling you to slow down. Your immune system gets thrown out of whack and then shuts down. 
Take the time to replenish it and get yourself back into the “kick ass and take names later” state that you need to be in!
A bit of advice on the relationship front:
I saw this & loved it!
What say you?
So true, friends! Find someone who can love you at your worst. Then you will know that they deserve you at your best (and sexiest)!  -.*
Ta-ta for now, my lovelies!