I’m officially a yogurt-convert! 
Let me tell you, I have always loathed hated never particularly cared for yogurt. It’s a texture thing. No one has ever gotten it right for me. Dannon…eh. Yoplait came close with the (dare I tell you?) Go-gurt line, but I soon grew out of the flavors, as they’re specifically designed for the more sucrophillic teeny-weenie kiddies and NOT for the more adult palate. [Yes, I still love a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but a fruit roll-up simply doesn’t taste the same anymore.] 
 Anyhow…my hat’s off to CHOBANI!
I am deeming your entire yogurt line the new “Creamy Crack!” 
It’s delicious! I’m sure you all know this and you should mark this accomplishment of converting me to a Chobani lover in your list of conquered persons. Ok? 
I can hardly wait to try every flavor. So far, the peach one is my favorite, but the strawberry flavor is great too. What a perfect little cup of heavenly whipped Greek yogurt and the added fruit surprise at the bottom. <3 so very much!
I’ll admit, when my boyfriend offered me a cup, I wanted to run in the other direction. I’ve heard many horror stories of people hating the taste of Greek yogurt. To you all who told me to stay away from this goodness – SHAME on YOU!
I haven’t fallen for something quite so hard since J.K. Rowling’s HP set! Officially in lurve. 
Now…on to new adventures! 
I’ve kickstarted a new diet and nutrition guide today with the help of my wonderful aunt Julie and her suggestion of starting the Advocare 24-Day Challenge!
I was not too thrilled about it at first, but day one has been a success!
It’s a 10 day gentle cleanse, followed by a 14 day Metabolic Nutrition System enhancer. First you lean out in the first ten days. Then in the latter 14 days, you tone up. It’s a smooth transition to help you BOOST your metabolism. 
The goal is 10 pounds and 10 inches in 24 days! It’s healthy and very much do-able, as long as you workout. This is not one of those, “let me sit on my butt and watch t.v. while the fat melts away” kind of gimmicks. PUH-LEASE! You gotta work the booty to get the body!
I’ll admit, I fell off the workout bandwagon and needed a restart button. This is it for me. I’m getting back to it and loving it. Being as busy as I am with school, work, tutoring high-school kids – life gets crazy! This system helps balance you out and set you on the right path to losing the weight. For me, I need to see results and really dislike the plateau phase in most workouts. By keeping to this, I’ll jump-start my metabolism and by eating right, I can avoid that phase. 
It’ll take some work and dedication, but all good things to those who [work hard]!
What am I doing to work out? 
Well…Jillian Michaels is kicking my derrier! I started the 30 Day Shred today and am fully committed to her monstrous workouts. I’ll be sure to post some before and after pictures at the 24 day mark! 😀 
If you have any questions about the Advocare line, feel free to ask. I’ll point you in the right direction.