Alright…so far, so good.
It’s been three days and (though I feared it may happen) I was not constantly sprinting to the bathroom. Anytime I hear “cleanse” I think the worst! Spiritual cleansing is one thing, but flushing out toxins from the human body just sounds dangerous. 
Thankfully, the Advocare Herbal Cleanse is surprisingly gentle. Yes, I’d been told it was kind, but I had my doubts and feared for my undies (and my coworkers). 
Day three and I’m feeling great!
Jillian is kicking my ass (and I really kinda hate her skinny bitch self) but I <3 that she pushes me through the workout. 
My diet has not changed too much, but I have made a much more conscious effort to include 8 servings of fruits & veggies throughout my day. 
It has truly amazed me how much of a difference this makes. I am constantly snacking on fruit. In the past three days, I have single-handedly assassinated a whole watermelon, half a pound of grapes, and an entire army of spinach with their carrot swords. None of them stood a chance. 
Dinner – with 1.5tbsp dressing to three cups of salad. DELISH!
I feel so awesome with all this energy during the day. Not quite like having the strength of ten men or anything, but pretty freaking fantastic! I’m pretty convinced that I may have the strength of ten men after these 60 days. Remember, I’ve got the 24-Day Cleanse + Jillian’s 30-Day Shred. Then the 90 mile challenge for the following 30 days. 
I’m so stoked about all this fitness! 
Sic’ Em!