Day Five!
I went to work and came home to the beau and one of my besties waiting for me. Coffee run (the Starbucks ban didn’t last too long, but I did stay within my caloric intake limit for the day and even got a TALL size. Can anyone say epic restraint skills?) followed by lounging and a Thai food adventure. It’s been great and the energy is still coming on strong. I’ve started taking a few more supplements with the Advocare cleanse (a probiotic – which protects your immune system and keeps you healthy – gets added in during the 24 days) and it’s no bother at all. 
What is a bother though? 
These triceps of mine (which were hidden beneath seriously stretchy skin – you know the kind, girls) are starting to form up. And my biceps? Well, believe it or not, they’re getting chiseled! I kid you not. I’m seeing results in just 5 days. Brilliant! I can hardly wait to post before and after pictures.
I’m working my ass off though. 
Make no mistake about that, bub.
It starts with healthier snacking.
Apple + Sunbutter = Bliss.
This is a lifestyle change and I’m getting creative with it.
No, I’m not cutting out all of my favorite foods or mad skillz for lounging about and reading for hours at a time. In fact, I’m keeping it all. EXCEPT for the bad habit of coming home and resting my big butt on the couch. If that happens….I’m a gonner! 
NO. I can’t be a gonner.
I come home, make dinner. Workout, shower and then eat dinner. 🙂
In case you didn’t know, your muscles absorb the most nutrients after a workout. FEED THEM! This is a great thing to know, so that you can give your body what it needs – yummy nummies! Protein and some great veggies (I’m leaving complex carbs for earlier in the day). You should try this. It works really well! By making dinner first, it keeps me busy and then I have no excuses to miss my workout by getting too comfy in the living room. 
My schedule is hectic, but making the little bit of extra effort to plan my meals and pack some snacks in the morning is key to meeting my goal. I’m starting to try new things. Tomorrow, I’m making KALE CHIPS. 
Kale Chips! Bake ’em and then snack your way through the day!
I need to make great use of the fall fruits and veggies, so I’m branching out from my comfort zone (and seriously admitting to my love affair with fruits & vegetables. I swear, there’s not a single one that I’ve encountered and NOT liked. I love them all.) 
The summer is officially over, which means that my most beloved watermelon and citrus will be disappearing. Don’t fret though, we’ve still got some granny smith apples (these are palatable [I kinda-sorta dislike tangy-ness] with some sunbutter and raisins) and delicious squash! I’m going to try out eggplant and attempt to fall in love with peaches. Plus! Peppers will be around for a while. I’ve developed a huge girl-crush on sweet peppers. They come in this fantastic assortment and can be eaten raw. MMMM!
Start getting friendly with your Farmer’s Market peeps!
They’ll know all the best ways to prepare these beauties!
I’m going to be adding more scrumdidlyumptious recipes soon and am thinking of adding a tumblr account, to make it easier to flip through them. Excitement!
So much progress and only 19 days to go! 
Stay motivated, friends!