Six days down! Can I get a whoop, whoop?!

I’m not starving, which is a plus. My workouts have been pretty consistent (I missed Friday night, but did get a late night walk in on Saturday, so I didn’t get thrown too far off.)
My energy is soaring! I think that’s my favorite part. It’s almost like there’s extra hours in my day. Being extra-productive is epic and reading for class is much more appealing when I don’t have to hold my eyes open with scotch-tape or by the influx of Mountain Dew. [Have I mentioned that I have been soda-free for three weeks? That’s right. Throw your hands up for restraint!]

Now I haven’t gotten a work-out in today, so my rear-end is going out for a run in just a few minutes. When you’re as busy as I am, it’s nearly impossible to have a set workout time. Thankfully this cleanse system is helping me get that extra “oomph,” so my  late-night runs aren’t an issue. I can run, shower, grab a bottle of agua and then relax for a few minutes before I climb my slimming derrier into bed.

Let me tell you, be sure to catch your nightly zzz’s! Whether you snore or not doesn’t matter, but how many hours your brain rests definitely does. Everyone differs. I am at my best with 5.5-7 hours of sleep. Any more sleep than this and I’m a zombie, no amount of caffeine can make me happy. It’s awful, but at least I know this.

On to better things – recipes!
Tonight’s menu consisted of Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup. My boys have been sick all weekend and the medicine wasn’t doing them much good. So, I made them this beautiful dish:

Hearty Goodness with an extra smack of love!

You already know how much I lurve to cook, so tweaking my favorite dishes has been a blast! This nummy-for-your-tummy (and immune system) was only tweaked a bit. I used much less salt than the regular dish would have, also – I cut out the avocado, because the FM was out and the grocery store’s choices were way past ripe. Eww! As forthe seasoning, I used my all-new favorite 21 Spice Salute from Trader Joes. It’s salt free and all-natural. Much love for this, the newest member to my spice rack!

Alright ya’ll, it’s time for my sneaks to hit the pavement.
Off I go! I hope you have had a wondefully healthy and joy-filled weekend.

Cheers to a kick-ass week!
My mini-goal: Run 15 miles (throughout the week) and have Jillian make my thighs cry, every day. Oh yes, sweet actin-myosin interactions! Mmmmm!

Get your sweat on!
Peace and love!