Let me tell you now, I’m hormonal – which means that I’m pissy, tired, SHOUTY and couldn’t control my tears if i tried. It’s been all chick-flicks and seriously craving some Ben&Jerry’s…and then my rational mind briefly stepped in to present my health-conscience. That bitch!
Trying to diet and workout these past few days has been so-freaking-hard! I’ve wanted to just curl up into a ball and lay on the couch, resigned to be a potato for the next several days. UGH! 
But no….that didn’t happen and I can’t allow it to happen tomorrow or the day after, either. 
It’s a challenge…duh! 
Thankfully, this Cleanse system has been easy to follow, but I totally wish this would work:
If you haven’t seen ‘Pitch Perfect’…I highly recommend you get your cute derrier to the theatre!
I hearted it!
The downside? 
I absolutely loathe taking down pills. Bleh!
The second part of the Advocare Cleanse deals with Meal Replacement shakes (mine is the Chocolate flavor and it’s delicious! I’m adding a banana to the shake tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes) and you’ve also got a 4-piece packet with bundles of vitamins and good-for-you supplements. It’s all legit, I checked. :] 
As a science major, it’s difficult for me to try anything that isn’t FDA-regulated, but this system is quite sound. I’m very impressed with it and am happy to be noticing these results. 
I’m down 5 pounds in two weeks!
Too much ROCK for one hand!
Shameless plug <— Check this out!

It’s now the end of day 13 and I’ve still got a ways to go. I hope you’re sticking to your good nutrition habits and meeting your workout goals. I find that I feel so much better when I don’t go to bed guilty about what I’ve eaten or the fact that maybe I missed a workout. 

This diet (which is the cleanse, plus extra veggies/fruits and lots of water) is not terribly difficult. I’m snacking all day long and even get my coffee-fix (otherwise I would be much crazier)…I am avoiding chocolate though. 
Instead of going out for the red-velvet cake cheesecake (found at any Cheese Cake Factory, and happens to be my TOM go-to) I went to the store and grabbed a couple of boxes of CLIF energy bars. They have a carrot cake option and white chocoloate macadamia nut. Both of these are super healthy options, with a piece of fruit and bottle of water. Totally sated my sweet-tooth. Winning!
How’s your journey going?
I’m hoping that very soon I’ll be able to do this…except, with my abs!
I can hardly wait to go all Incredible Hulk on someone with my abs.
T-minus 90 days!
Much love! 
Kick your own ass this week!