Still working on the diet thing, while dealing with girlisms. UGH.
For those who don’t know, today is yesterday was (I just missed posting this by a few minutes, drat!) October 3rd! 
Mean Girls Day! :] 
There was so much crazy-drama-bat-crud-randomness today, that this simple little notion was able to bring a smile to my face. 
I used this multiple times today. Oh yeah!
I blame my hormones for all the crazy emotions I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t think that the Advocare line is affecting me negatively, but I am so much more in tune with my body (do to committing to the challenge) lately – so that might have something to do with all this mess. 
Day 16 – DONE!
I must admit, my body is trying to revert to the lazy-days. My inner anorexic (who is really my same size, but doesn’t have to go out in public and shop for real-girl clothes, so she feels that stuffing her face is completely acceptable) begged me for these today:
Thankfully, I ignored her and opted for a CLIF bar instead.
Only 7 days to go…I’m feeling great! Sadly, I’ve been missing out on much-needed sleep, but once my exams are over and out of the way in a week or so, I’ll hop right back on that snooze-fest bandwagon. Lord knows I need me some zzz’s!
My lesson for you today? 
I’m so glad you asked!
Be kind, gentle and always altruistic. 
Some people will hate you for it, that’s probably because they choose to see the bad in people. I prefer to believe that everyone has goodness within them, they only need the opportunity to express it. 
Naive? Possibly, but I’m an optimist – remember?
Now, with that said – let me tell you just how much my patience was tested today! It was awful enough to make me question whether or not I wanted children. The people I interacted with today made me think of how embarrassed I am for their parents…to have raised such disrespectful and horrific adults! How sad, right?

So, even though I was met with many challenging people and small-mindedness today – I kept a smile on my face and continued to chug on my SPARK (today’s flavor? Mango-Strawberry…AKA – awesomeness in a bottle! Get some!). 
The end of my day looked alot like this:
Despite the turd-like behavior from people today, I got home and did my “You’re Super Awesome” Dance.
It goes a little something like this ^^. Tee-hee!
I sincerely hope that you all had a better day than I did. Remember to keep your chin up, walk tall, smile and be kind to everyone. Even though I’m tired, grumpy and my brain feels like it cannot possibly retain any more information…I do my best to wish love on everyone – this way, I can never have regrets. 
Do your own happy dance and put a little pip in that step. 
Run an extra few feet, cut back on the sugar-intake or just do something positive to keep a smile on your face. It will amaze you how great your health and outlook on life will be. 
The weekend is almost here, friends!