Here’s one for you to remember:
Pamper yourself!
I am always forgetting this. Between work, studying and volunteer work – I tend to put my needs last and all others first. This is the fastest way to run yourself into the ground!
I’ve been seriously forgetting to spend any time on myself, especially since I still feel phat. Ugh.
Yes, I’m losing weight – but I’m not where I want to be yet. That said, I’m in between sizes, so buying new clothes is simply out of the damn option. Why spend money on clothes, when I’ll need to buy more in a few weeks? 
Funnily enough (only because she doesn’t get to see me too often, as she lives far away), my boyfriend’s mom is the one who reminded me about this key notion. 
She came up for a quick visit and took us shopping.  More like, she wanted to go shopping, so we went along. :]
It was a bit heartbreaking to walk into a Michael Kors and drool on love everything, but I couldn’t just splurge. I mean, I’m still a broke college kid. I’d have to eat a whole helluva lot of ramen to be styling high-end designers. I guess then I’d be skinny due to lack of nutrients/starving, but I’d be swagging along. Hmm…possibilities?
My beau’s mom is a diva though, so she was very much like this:
She pulled me aside and reminded me that I should get a little something – regardless of whether it was in that store or not. Why? Because I deserve it!
Though I wanted to get a Kate Spade wallet, they didn’t have any I liked – so I purchased a very comfy, cute and totes functional pair of Clarks Bostonians. They are awesomely comfy and not disgustingly out of my price range (like the $300+ purse that I must now break out of that white-walled prison at the Kors store)!
I got these in black! they’re so freaking comfy!
Damnit, was she right! I loved the splurge.
I almost went bezerkely at the Under Armor store though. 
I could buy everything in there!
They make working out look so damn guuuuud!
These are what I need:
Can’t you just hear the “swoosh, swoosh” of my awesome stride?


The girls would be mega-happy in this snazzy top!

I’m splurging on these ASAP! They will be my new squishies!
Under Armor Love!
If Under Armor sponsored me, I’d be so freaking fit so I could make their products shine!
[hint, hint!]
I’m still working through the last few days of this diet.
I’ll start the 90 mile challenge in 30 days this week too!
Friday’s gonna be a game-changer.
I’m so excited though!
Because soon I’ll feel like this:
Getting some swag on!
 69 more days to go!
Much love and inspiration for you to find your inner fitness-goddess!