It’s over!

24 days. Done!

I’ve lost 9 pounds and I am damn proud of myself. 
So proud, in fact – that I’m purchasing myself a LBD (little black dress – a sexy one, to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in chicness!)
Plus, a pair of bootines and an awesome pair of running shoes ::cough, underarmour, cough::

Oh darling, the choices!

These booties caught my eye. They come in black and green. Hmmm…

Sadly, I’m now in between sizes…even with SHOES!
My new Clarks [which I was raving about earlier this week] don’t fit properly.  😐 They were rubbing my achilles raw. UGH! 
The diva in me hates to see a great pair of shoes go to waste, so I gave them to my Mom and….she loves them! She actually switched shoes during the work day. Bahaha! 

The question now is…do I buy a size bigger and get them altered, or buy a size smaller and fit into the clothes in a few weeks? 


I’m kinda torn but leaning toward the smaller size, it’ll give me an extra punch of inspiration! Don’t ya think so?

No girl ever wants to hear “Umm…we don’t carry your size.”

On to new business!

As promised, I’m continuing this self-inflicted health torture and starting a 90 mile challenge. 

90 miles, 30 days. 

When I start to wane, I’ll picture this:


It starts today. I will, quite literally, run my ass off.
My goal is to run 3 miles every day, in order to clear my mind and sweat out my worries.
There’s just something about running that makes me feel giddy inside! 


Would anyone like to join this challenge with me? 
I’d love to have a partner in crime (and someone to keep me in check!)
Let’s see where we are in 30 days!