I had a very long chat with my bestie last night. Unfortunately, her words stuck with me and very much interfered with my studying/cramming review time. She told me how she worries that I am always too busy to just sit back and enjoy the day. I guess that, for the most part, she’s right. 

My idea of relaxing is going for a 30 minute run or reading a chapter from a fun book, or lounging to watch a television show. Sadly, I don’t really have a ton of free time. This all led me to think about how the countless hours of stressing over work and school and volunteer hours and family and, and, AND! 

It NEVER ends. 

So maybe I do need to learn to say no and make a better effort to embrace some “me” time. 
That’s not so bad, right? 

I hope not, because I’m already feeling gobs of guilt for trying to squeeze in some time for myself. Stupid-sounding, sure…but that’s just how I feel.

It goes against my nature and every time that I try to put myself first, it makes someone else angry. Since I’d rather not deal with caustic peeps, I endeavor to please everyone. Which is also another nearly impossible task. Ugh. Story of my life. 

All that aside, I spent my time doing three things today:
1. Studied (in fact, this is probably my 8th study break today…it seems I rather enjoy distracting myself when it comes to important things)
2. Contemplated ways to do nothing:
– A spa day
– Retail Therapy
– Nap on the beach
– Make snow angels
– Run in the rain
– Arts and Crafts
– hours on Pinterest (I never get to do this!)
– buy more books
– work on my novel
– Ponder (which will only lead to thinking – then vision-boarding – then “POOF!” I’m back to stressing about the degrees I need to earn in order to accomplish what I want out of life…which, consequently, deals with saving children all over the world.) 

Well, that’s kind of where I stopped. Did you notice that half of these things require me to delve into my pocketbook and the other half just seem lazy? This is my dilemma. I simply do not know (or grasp the concept) of how to “relax.”

I guess I can see Laura’s point of view…directly stated, [I] “make her head hurt.”

Oh! The third thing I did?


I tried a few of my favorite things and then opened up my advocare box. 
Thinking about all the studying I have to do, I went ahead a reached for the V-16 Energy drink. 
Let me say… GROSS!

It’s effervescent, which I thought was pretty cool…but it’s citrus flavored and sugar-free (this I wouldn’t normally mind, but it’s waaaaaay too noticeable). This product gets a thumbs down from moi. I was really hoping that I’d love it, like I do everything else I’ve tried (aside from the MNS pill packets and their somewhat-jumbo size) from the Advocare line. 

Color me disappointed. 

I’ll let you know what I think about the SLIM shots later this week, as well as the Catalyst and Nighttime Recovery.

For now…I’m going to work on slowing down, while still maintaining my workouts. 
This “Work-Life” Balance thing…it’s quite difficult to perfect. 

Lord help me.