Holy freaking bio-balls, Batman!

There is so much to update you all on.

I’ll keep it short, and do my best to add some juicy tidbits throughout.
Sound fair?

Great, let’s get going!

Here’s my past week, in a nutshell.

[Oh yes, I brought my crap-ass allergy ridden issues into this mess]

I flipped off my boss last week by giving him the Peace sign backwards.

{note: a peace sign facing you – palm toward body – means “PEACE” but palm-out means “F-U!”}
This was rather unfortunate, and pretty funny, as only he and I knew this little European nugget of knowledge. I was forgiven.

I also had a couple of incidents where my face nearly blew up. I’d post a picture, but it was far too hideous and embarrassing. I was still puffy a few days after the reaction and contemplated whether or not I was still swollen or if maybe I’d gained back some weight. EEEK!
For some reason, these allergies are getting worse. So bad, in fact, that I’m now having severe facial swelling reactions to just about anything, including dishes that I cook myself.
Don’t fret, I’ve got an appointment with my allergist this week and hope to nip this mess in the legume.

It’s like everything is going wrong.

This is totes my life right now.

On a slightly related thought bubble – Why must peanut butter cups be so yummmmy???
I really wish I could still eat peanuts. Sadly, they’re perfectly packaged in little death capsules. Evil bastards.

Other news:
I applied to graduate school and am daily checking my status with the university. Let’s cross our fingers for admission, ASAP! :]

I’ve been kind of a smarty-pants lately.
Working on this though.
It’s an awful habit!

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I decided to commit to two new health changes.
I started my 90 mile challenge and was all “OH YEAH!”

I’m still sore, but the run today nearly put me out of commission.
Remember to listen to your body…especially when it’s screaming!

Sadly, I got hurt today. [insert loud booing here]
Hopefully I can stretch this calf+ankle out and take it slow tomorrow.
I don’t want to fall off this healthy bandwagon, stop working out and slide back into my fat pants.

Ugh. A fate worse than a world without coffee, for SURE!

I’m down 17 pounds!
GTFO, fat pants.  

Hellllloooooo, gorgeous glutes and biceps. 

I also became a part of the Advocare team. I’m so very excited to set out on this path!
Please visit my site and check out all the awesome products that can help you kick-start or continue your own healthy-fit journey.

The Spark Energy Drink is my favorite! <3

Be sure to check this out! [CLICK HERE!]

Until tomorrow, friends.