Now, I’m not a fan of scales…because, let’s be honest – most of the time their language is painful. They only give out numbers, no “way to go”… “hey, champ – looking slim”… just, “yo – you’re hefty! don’t believe me? Here’s yo numbah!”


So, imagine my surprise when I stopped running for a week due to intense class assignments…and I LOST TWO POUNDS! In one week, that’s fantastic! :] I’m super freaking excited. EEEEP!

So, yes —– 

I’m feeling much better in my own skin and am damn proud of it!

Take your measurements and weigh yourself every couple of weeks or so. Make sure to focus more on those inches, friends! You might be slimming down, but gaining lean muscle – which means that you might add on a few pounds. Don’t worry though! You’ll look sexy-fit in those jeans of yours as you start re-shaping the thunder thighs and muffin top. I am working on this too!

Working out is not everything though. You’ve got to feed your tummy some seriously healthy nummies! Check out what I’ve been noshing on:

1/4 Avocado, smashed (not re-fried) beans on toasted corn tortillas with over-medium eggs and homemade salsa.
This entire meal is 480 calories and a great breakfast! I stay full for hours.

One of my lunches this week consisted of these beauties: Crab & Dill stuffed cucumber cups.
285 calories for an entire cucumber and 3oz of crab meat.

Sourdough bread with ricotta cheese and garlic spread, topped with smoked salmon, tomatoes and jalapenos.
2 slices = 360 cals. and a perfect lunch!

Crab and Mushroom stuffed Zucchini!
Enough said.

Less than 400 calories per 8oz.
It’s a family recipe, so you won’t be making my version.
Sorry, folks.

Egg-salad on sourdough bread.
210 calories per slice

Dinner tonight: JIM’S!
160 cals. per serving
They’re non-sloppy joe’s and wondermous!

So yeah…I’m a serious foodie [and I so know that you just enjoyed my food porn, don’t be ashamed]. But you all already knew that!
Thanks for not judging.

I’ve been working really hard to find/create/genius-my-way-into new recipe ideas that are also healthy. I’m totes biased, but I think I’ve done a damn good job so far!
I am not sure which recipes I want to add for you all, so you all pick. 

Right now I’ve got to head back to my studies, which is mostly where I’ve been for the past week or so. My apologies for not having posted recently, but life has been a dizzy flurry of activity. I promise to be better this week, with posts and my workouts. 

Here’s my newest flab-killer idea:

I want to do this sooooooo badly! the nerd in me shrieked with school-girl happiness when I stumbled across it. Hehehe!

So, I’ll keep running my 3 miles and throw this in a few times a week – that way, sometime soon I can be all:

And then the beau will want to take my pictures like so:

I mostly want to be fit so that I’m happy with myself, but part of me wants him to be happy too. He’ll never tell me that I’m too fluffy [bless this boy!] but I never want to be too comfortable to think that I don’t need to be sexy for him. That’s just all kinds of wrong. I always want to look good naked because that’s the difference between skinny and fit. Fit girls just feel and look better – that’s my ultimate goal. 

So remember:

I stopped working out last week to take care of “more important things” only to look at myself today and think: “Wow sister, you’re a sorry excuse for a fit-chick. Stop making excuses and go running. you know you want to.”

And it was true. 

I love running – more than cheesecake, cookies, shakes, popcorn…hell, almost more than coffee. The natural high I get is spectacular and my muscles crave the exercise. There’s just something inexplicably intoxicating about sweat and hard work. The payout is always worth it. 

Get out there and move! You know you want to.
I hope I’ve motivated you enough to get your rump going. 

Remember, we’re trying to go from flab to fit, people. how are you doing so far? I’m still a little jiggly, but tightening up nicely. ;]

Hopefully in 6 more weeks, I’ll be ringing in the New Year with my fantastic new outfit – showing off my buff arms and awesome booty. Woot! I can hardly wait to see my progress!