Alright folks, I’m back in action!
These past few weeks have been heinous – exams, allergies, strep throat, no work-outs and dealing with Herbert (the Thanksgiving Turkey), mocking me for not eating more. Dastardly bird!

I was so freaking disciplined. No. Joke.

Every skinny twiglet in my beau’s family was like:

But all I could do was sit there and think…How do you stay soooooo thin?!?!?!?! I mean:


I say that with love. Trust.

I actually lost 2 pounds over the holiday. Which, the beau said, meant that I was probably not eating. 

Since I was so caffeinated and running around trying to see as much family as possible, well…I wouldn’t push that thought too far out. Either way…I didn’t have a chance to work out, so I made sure not to over-eat. I seriously do NOT need to be busting out pregnancy pants.

Now that I’m back home, I’ve got three finals standing in my way to freedom and Christmas fun. I really need to get back on the bandwagon for running. 

So I found this little guy:

Isn’t Melville great?!?!

 When I want to give up, or stray from this fit-path – I find ways to motivate myself. Mirror messages. Little notes to bolster my confidence and bundles of little things like that. 

How are you keeping yourself on track?
Did you find any yummy recipes I should know about? 

I wanted to upload some pictures of my progress, but all of the pictures from the Thanksgiving break get-togethers came out pretty blurry. I took bundles of pictures of other peeps, which came out great:

The beau and his mom. 🙂

But when anyone else got a hold of my camera, this was the usual result (mostly much blurrier):

This is the best picture I have of us, Laura! We need another visit, ASAP!

Now, compare the above pic of me to the ones below:

It might just be wishful thinking, but I do think my face has thinned out some.

I share this with you, my PHAT picture.

Now, I’m definitely still working on losing all this college-phat; sometimes it feels like it will never go away. But hey…no one said it was going to be easy. I can’t say I regret letting myself get this big, I mean – I sure as hell enjoyed the foodles that I consumed to make this voluptuous body happen! I’m just working to get back to fit. I miss my  chiseled abs. They were totes sexy, but are currently hidden under a few dozen cupcakes and Hershey’s hugs (my Achilles heel, when it comes to chocolate goodies!).

We’ve got a couple of holidays left to get through. At our house, Christmas day is a bustle of crazy events, one after another – then a bundle of food that forces you to unbutton the pants before you even take a seat! 
My grandmama’s turkey gravy is enough to put you into a calorie overload, and it’s way too hard to remember control. Hard, but not impossible. 
Alas, I will be spending my holiday alone this year. Working and toiling about at the office. Maybe a mini-Christmas roast beast will be a good idea? I haven’t decided yet. 

What I do know is that I will be strapping on my sneaks and heading out for a wonderful run. I’m so excited to see my total weight-loss before New Year’s Eve! WOOT!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

My workout today will consist of putting up my Christmas tree! Pics later, I promise! 😀 We have a Who-ville theme this year and it’s our first official Christmas tree together. Elation? Definitely!

My favorite time of year. <3

Remember, you want to keep those fat pants away! 
Grab yourself some SPARK! Eat healthy and think portion control! That way, you can stick your finger in all sorts of pies and not feel guilty! [insert evil laugh here] Yes, I am dubious!

Much love, friends!