I managed to sleep most of my day away because of a migraine that decided to assault me this afternoon. Jerk!

My dreams during that blissful [4 hour] nap were…wonderful. It was like my whole year unfolded and things clicked into place. Maybe the migraine was strangling just the right neurons. Maybe. 

Regardless of the cause, I now know what I want to do:

1. Lose 50 pounds by April 23. 
– This is going to be one hell of a challenge, but I’ve got you all – right? I can work my ass off off and vent about the evil crunches, how much I need an ice bath and missing white chocolate chip cookies. 

You can always be better. Aspire to be the best version of yourself at all times.

2. Get Published!
– I’ve got so much research to do for my novel, but I’m really stoked about where it’s going. Hopefully another stroke of genius will hit me and my muse will visit again.

I can only hope to empower people through my words.

3. Get into graduate school. 

– Biomedical Engineering, here I come!

4. Take the LSAT and CRUNCH it!
– Applying to law school and getting accepted is the next step. Obvi!

5. Travel to 3 different cities [outside of our Noble Texas] with Angel. Those destinations I’ll keep secret, because it’d be great for surprise him!

My better half.

6. Bake More. Cook More. Compile the recipes. 
– Food is my therapy. Over the years I’ve learned to be more cognizant of what I’m eating and how it affects my body. I’d like to continue sharing the lessons I learn and hope that you keep reading about the crazy running excursions and the [sometimes] failed recipes. 

Lasagna Cups. Mmm…scrumptious!

7. Take a step toward financial freedom.
– I have loved being a part of Advocare and want to make it a more permanent fixture in my life. Though I don’t love every product they have to offer, the ones I do enjoy have made such a positive impact on my life. This healthy journey will continue and I’m so very happy to follow this path!

Advocare – Visit my site!

There are so many other things I want to accomplish, but these are the big seven. I haven’t planned anything out, but I’ve put the goals out there. Instead of a vision board or day planner or exacto-knife for life…I’m just focusing on the goals. How I get there will be my adventure. 

What have you all set out to do for 2013?