Pay attention kiddies. Life lessons here.

So, I went all dark and twisty on you guys a few weeks back when I got my rejection letter from graduate school. Missed that entry? Here ya go –> Serious Venting

What did I do? 

Well, after removing my head from my own fantastically shaped derriere and getting over the “woe is me” attitude – I put stock in what a few of my besties said “Snap the heck outta this, chick! You’ve got this!”

I decided to hit it again before quitting, because I’m nothing if not thorough – right?
Reaching out to the admissions board, I found out what I did wrong, how I fell short and I fixed it.

Guess what?

Now THIS girl is going to graduate school! :] 
I know it doesn’t always work out in our favor, but I really needed this WIN and am so glad to have the opportunity to show this school just how much of an asset I am.

I got my admission confirmation at work, today!
Hand to God, I hugged everybody in a 50ft radius.
Yes, I am that thrilled!

This experience made me realize that I shouldn’t give in so easily – and neither should you!

I can think of several people who told me I’d never get here.
How do you like them apples?

It’s January 8th. Which of you haven’t started working on that weight loss rezzie?
Better question…how many of you worked out like a HOSS for a couple of days, but then rewarded yourself with brownies and a few days of rest?


Don’t quit it yet. [If you haven’t started…what the hell are you waiting for?]

Aim for the most amazing version of yourself. Perfection is over-rated.

Have you tried SPARK?
– There are plenty of fantastic flavors to choose from and they come in either a canister or pouches for portability. Try the Strawberry Mango…it rocks my socks!

I’m about to start the 24 day Challenge. I lost 8 pounds on the program in 24 days, this past fall. More importantly, the cleanse helped me jump-start my workout plan.This year, Advocare has released a workout program! It’s 7 workouts that increase intensity and will put you on your better fitness path. I’m going to start those workouts with the 24 Day Challenge and add in some Catalyst. 

Can you say RIPPED! :] 
My rips are going to have rips…mmm sexy!

Keep on keeping on, ya’ll!

Be big enough to realize that you’re blessed/gifted/shinedupon/loved/awesome
Live it up!