This past week, I lost my voice. 
By Saturday afternoon, I had a fever + chills and absolutely NO love for running. Oh! Everything I tried to eat had no flavor, almost like licking air. Weird, huh? Darn sickly tastebuds.
Now it’s Monday and I’m not feeling too much better. Hoping to force myself back into top-notch mode, I’ve endeavored to stay busy. Well, as busy as one can be with practically zero energy and a pile of assignments. Cal 3 will just have to wait until my mind isn’t so murky.

With the semester in full swing, I’ve had to start planning my meals more strictly and making sure there are plenty of healthy snacks around. Our fridge is packed to the hinges with yogurt, eggs, meat, salads, veggies and plenty of other goodies.
The beau and I also decided to add some Cliff Builder’s Bars into our weekly routine. Who doesn’t love a good meal replacement bar? We add a piece of fruit (usually a banana or an apple) and a bottle of water. Voila! You’ve got your sexy self, a meal! A yummy one, too! 

Check these out! They’re awesome! We are HUGE fans!

This week our dinners will be:
Monday: Steak Flatbread Pizzas
Tuesday: Sausage and Spinach Penne
Wednesday: Enchiladas Suizas
Thursday: Fire-Roasted Sausage & Noodles
Saturday: Movie Night! We’re having dinner out with friends & have promised that we will share one plate. We’ve realized just how much he over-eats and how many left-overs I tend to bring home for myself. Why not just share, right? Healthy-Fit Couple of the year! :]

This mom plans for EACH of her kids. Too much?

I’ll do my best to post pictures and may even include some of these recipes. I owe a few cooking tips to my good friend, Julie – so I need to get on the ball for her Med-School cooking help! 

Tonight I’m making my quick and easy pizzas. For a healthy breakfast tomorrow, I’ll be baking chocolate banana bread tonight. This will be a first for me – so I’m hoping it comes out like this:

My chocolate monster needs to be sated.

Our goal is to start running again on Wednesday. This cold really kicked my boo-tay all weekend and I need to get back to my body-sculpting business. 

My weight loss goal: 40 pounds to go. 
I’ve got until April 23rd to do this. I want to look super sexy in a wonderful dress and pumps for my big 24! :] Set a goal and GO for it!

Step one – Be accountable!
My friends and I have all gotten MyFinessPal on our iPhones, so we’re holding each other accountable for our daily food choices. Personally, I don’t worry too much about the actual calorie values. If I’m over or under by a couple hundred calories, so what? Your body will work your metabolism harder if you switch up your daily calorie values. Don’t stray too far now, loves – but make sure that you give your body a little of what it craves. 

I will never give up coffee or chocolate. But you bet your fit bunz that I am going keep those cravings in check! If I’m at Starbucks, I choose non-fat milk and sugar free syrups. Usually, my grande bevy costs me about 220 calories. As for chocolate…my fave is dark! Maybe a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips with a cup of strawberries. Mmm…mmm…MMM!

Ooh-la-la! our friends @ Nestle are doing it right!

How’s your week going?
Remember – if you haven’t started your workout yet…it’s NOT too late! 
The first steps you take are usually the hardest, but they’re the most exhilarating! 
Get those buns moving!