Listen to this, ya’ll! I think I’m finally over the “ooh-I-can-totes-snarf-down-another-frappuccino” to make it through my day. Those cravings. Yeah – you have them too! Don’t lie.
Don’t get me wrong, usually I want a salad or veggies more than anything else. My coffee habit (albeit something FIERCE) is usually no more than a cup a day and less than 200 calories, if I mosey my derriere down to Starbucks. All that aside…I still CRAVE chocolate and coffee and doughnuts (seriously, I should own stock in Shipley’s) and Mountain Dew. All these things, I have occasionally – but sometimes I want to gobble everything up.

Then I give myself a pep-talk that usually goes something like this:
“So, beautiful – you’re comfy in your current jean size, right? In fact, you really want to get to a healthier weight and into some smaller jeans, eh? Well…those extra [insert nummie goodness here] are definitely not going to help your jiggle.”

I wanted to share a few of the recipes that I’ve come across recently. I’m one of those “pin it” then “make it” girls. Why pin it just to look at it?

LAME, right?

Not me! I make sure that my pantry is stocked and that my guys are hungry – they’re always willing test subjects for most of my creations. I love finding thinspiration recipes! These are a few of my faves!

Blondies! This gurl does them right! Mmm!
These are DE-lish and pretty healthy already!

I see something, and then (if it’s all sorts of Paula Deen wrong[or very, very right], with butter and lard and bacon) I change up the ingredients to make them fit my healthier life choices.

But, since my boys are more likely to hate something that tastes “healthy,” I’m forced to be creative. I add in Splenda, instead of sugar. Or use Chobani yogurt instead of butter. I’ve been picking up tips here and there…loving every recipe I’ve made so far! My office peeps are loving them too, so I promise I’m not just tooting my own horn. I’ve gotten some of these chunkies to start eating healthier, all because they’re gnoshing on 80 cal brownies and yet, they’re none the wiser.
There’s nothing worse than telling someone your treats are healthy, then they don’t want to eat them. Instead, I leave them out for anyone to snag. When I get asked for the recipe, they tend to be floored.
The look on their faces when I tell them the cookies are only 37 cals each or are sugar free?


You should definitely start spreading the fit-foodie love around! It’s wonderfully contagious. I swear, I would have so much fun being a Kashi GoLean Protein Egg [yootoob it], handing out healthy goodies. Too fun!

Turkey Bacon, FTW! :]

These make for a fun and quick breakfast.
Super yummy and protein packed!
I’m all about being more healthy without having to worry about exact calories.
Honestly…who’s got time for that?


These Italian Dunkers are epic! I actually made the meatballs and these were the result.

Amazing, right?

Come on, ya’ll! Get into your kitchen and fumble around with those ingredients. Tinker your way into something nummy and finger-lickin’ tasty! The healthier, the better!

If you come across anything legendary, be sure to let me know! I <3 some awesome recipes!