Quite the predicament, no?

You know the one. 

It’s this wonderful frothy mixture that you know must have been sent down to us from Zeus in a spontaneous moment of insane kindness for us mere mortals. 

Mortals with a serious weakness for sweet decadence. 
[Yes, the apple has come full circle.]

Chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, vanilla creme….there are so many splendid flavor combinations to indulge those cravings and well – who doesn’t love sipping down that shake? 


They hate it. My boobs, they hate it. Well, maybe they could stand to gain a little suppleness [since they’re attached to a has-been athlete and probably hate being so…lame flat nothing special. 
My hips though? Hell to the NO! They definitely could do without the extra calories and itty bitty pieces of lard that would be deposited by the shake. 

We can’t have that. We’ve gotta do activities!

And 1 & 2…&1&2…

All that aside ladies and gents – who of you can actually give up your favorite things?

Not me. 

So I found several healthy ways to make me not want to cry. 

Most of these ideas are not actually milkshakes, but smoothies. 

When I want a really great milkshake, I switch out crazy fat-loaded ice cream for something non-fat or (LOVE!) go for the Fro-Yo! Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s make wonderful options! :]

The Green Monster – Laura introduced me to this wonderful creation and it’s never a bad option. 

It looks freaky, but it’s yummy! Promise.

Berries are my fave! Blackberries are the bestest!

You can get some awesome recipes HERE! Our friends over at Prevention are pretty much on the up & up! Yummy stuff, ya’ll!

I hope you all are mixing up your nutrition! I don’t like when things get boring. I would much rather enjoy some nummy eats that I don’t have to see every single day. 
Except salads. 
I <3 them and can eat bunny food every day! Only exception…and they're obviously not the same salads. Everything's got a twist!

Now on to my new Arm Workout! I’m starting it this week and am super mega-stoked. Wanna join? 

Super Mega-Awesome!

I hope that your fitness journey is going well. We’re finally starting to see real results. 

The beau is down 12 pounds, since December. Fan-flipping-tastic, right!?! I’ve been healthy baking like crazy, so it’s a mini-miracle – but these recipes really are the best of the healthy-fit and foodie craving worlds!

Don’t settle for your lifestyle. Make compromises when necessary, but make sure you’re loving the direction you’re headed. Fewer calories doesn’t mean better and too much is never good. Find your balance while busting those buns. More endorphins, happier nature, loved body. 

Get going!

Now, I should get back to my studies. 
Good night, loves!