I’m a foodie. If you’re reading this, you’re a foodie. I’ve found that the main problem with being a foodie is constantly battling your jeans, or worse…your bras! Honestly, I gain weight in odd places.

See: The Cooch Pooch
But truthfully…I loathe battling the bulge. It’s exhausting. I think I’m getting ahead and under control – then, seemingly out of nowhere – the pounds I’ve lost come creeping back.
Is anyone else being fat-haunted this holiday season?

I worked out three times a week. I was happy with my progress. I was finally feeling like I was getting somewhere. Then I wasn’t.
I was frustrated and annoyed with my own body. After a couple of weeks with no change, I finally realized what my problem was.
Me. I was my own problem. I’d gotten complacent, working out a few times a week and maintaining my eating habits. Though healthy, I was simply maintaining. I wasn’t working out hard, pushing myself or even running anymore. That’s the bigger problem.
I’d gotten so busy with my teaching role that I stopped working on myself. I put everything I have into my students and classroom, leaving little effort to work out and bring myself body peace.
It took a bit, but I finally realized I was at fault.


Making Progress.


Are you a victim by your own hand?
If so, here’s what you do.

1. Smack that negative weak-sauce outta here.
2. Throw on some sweats and a sports bra (gentlemen – some exercise shorts and a sleeveless shirt to show off your sexy biceps)
3. Work out. HARD!

Trust me, you’ll feel tons better.
Then get home, take a cold shower and do it all over again, tomorrow.
Personally, I like to run at least two miles on the days when I’m not climbing. Sure, you need rest every few days, but the point is to not get complacent. Throw in an extra mile here and there.
Bust your ass, baby!

There’s no reason to fall out of fit. Keep up your own fitspiration. Remind yourself daily to bust that cheeky derrière and get a move on.
Here’s one for you to remember for this week:


[From http://prestonfitness.com/2013/06/14/fitspiration-6/%5D
I love running and climbing, but I tend to balance these two with a really good Krispy Kreme Donut, now and again. Don’t deny yourself fun and goodies. Get some! But remember to keep healthy by busting that ass in a gym or in another similarly awesome fat-burning space.

Write it on your bathroom mirror so you can see it every day. You’ll thank me later.