I realize there are plenty of skinny chefs, but this made me smile. :]
Everyone has a different idea of “skinny” – but we should all have the same idea of fit. Eating healthier and focusing on better-for-you foods and exercises. Again, this could be different for all – but we can definitely agree on one thing.




Food is wonderful. Scrumptious. Decadent. Freeing.
That’s it! Food is freeing!

I look so much like the chef from The Muppets when I’m banging pans around in the kitchen. The beau says it’s a real sight to see. Sometime soon I’ll post a video of my cooking adventures. I tend to talk to the fruits and veggies, and usually apologize to the carnes when I get ready to sear them.


Let me tell you how this all relates to booty-shaking!
You see…my students taught me how to twerk. Well, they twerked and I laughed because there is no way that is ever appropriate to do [seriously, never] and I can’t dance like that. Maybe, at all.

That said, I don’t much like to use dance as a positive form of weight loss. [An ex-boyfriend completely ruined DDR for me. Long story.]
Since I can’t bust my rump in the comfort of my own home, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. I’m taking ideas and options please, so share them!

After falling off the fit-truck over the past few weeks (and gaining 5 pounds)…I finally made it out to the rock gym! I’m even stoked about running again. My muscles miss the yummy ache of a five mile run.
How are your weight loss goals going?

I hope you’re shaking your groove thang and shedding those pounds!


Much love,