I hope you didn’t think I only know how to cook!
That’s right, this girl loves some DIY.
Thankfully, there haven’t been as many flops as successes. Plus, I’ve got a bestie who never quits! Even when we screw something up, we manage to fix it.

So last weekend, when I got this wild idea to paint my bedroom [without telling the beau, who was out and about with friends] Mel was happy to trek to The Home Depot and splurge on home goods!
We chose a light gray paint that turned out being hella’ blue once we painted an entire wall.
I give you, our DIY experience. In picture medium, no less.



Of course I couldn’t just keep the paint on the walls. I actually flipped a bunch of paint everywhere when I knocked over a paint stick. Thank the good kitchen gods – we set down a drop cloth!


All smiles, because we were almost done with the wall!


Finished. Woot! He kinda looks green here, eh?


This now lives in my kitchen. I bought him on our curtain-finding trip at World Market. It has its own personal flowery hook.


My face…as I go back to my study hidey hole – because, Calculus 3 rules my life.

I hope you’re expanding your kitcheny outings too!

Much love,