The beau’s parents came to visit!Per usual, we went out to enjoy some amazing food (mostly).

Today, we tried a new pop-stand.

La Ventana
1611 McKinney Ave.

I got duped into thinking we were heading to Meso Maya, but we landed at the window here – right behind Meso Maya.

Now, I judge a Mexican food establishment on several factors, but my main three are:
1. Chips & Salsa
2. Tacos
3. Authenticity of the flavors

Since this fitchick is trying to shed the unruly pounds that managed to suck themselves back on my sassy self, I decided to munch a salad. The menu stated “mixed greens, choose the meat.” Ok. Awesome.

Not awesome.

We had to order and pay for chips and a few ounces of salsa. No joke, here. These chips are made in-house at Meso Maya (Delish? Totes!) but…they’re FREE. As all chips & salsa should be at Latin-food restaurants. Seriously, what are they trying to play at here?

Strike one.

Apparently, mixed greens means shredded ice berg lettuce. Certainly not this kitchen cook’s favorite. I chose bistek (steak, according to the window menu) and ended up with a sloppy salad in a dog bowl. The bistek was chewy, mostly fat and kinda burned. The steamed rice added to the bowl pushed it further into life support and the black beans, surely there to stick to the roof of my mouth…were nothing to alert the media over. Definitely not ok.

Strike two.

According to the beau, the tacos were ok. But they’re not great.
For $40, the 8 corn tortillas with slim fillings (plus my pathetic salad) were not worth this moo-lah.
Overpriced Mexican food, we’re pretty used to that in DFW – so I can’t strike them out here. They’re on par with other sub-par locations. I’ve gotta give them that. They know their market. Too bad they can’t reach a wider demographic.

I was quite disappointed with this Meso Maya sibling.
“Total bummer” might begin to describe it.

Hoping for a turn-around at this taco joint,