Love me some wintry weather!

DALLAS is gorgeous under snow and ice. But snow is better. The slick death on roads scares the Oreos out of me. Skidding on black ice is terrible. Ugh.
Early this morning, the weather was in the 70s. Then BAM! 22 degrees, feeling like 8.

Freezing temperatures were pushed aside as we bundled up and drifted to brunch. [Thankfully, I’m pretty pro at the penguin walk and did not have to slide around too much on the ice.]
We took the beau’s parents to Meso Maya and boy was it a hit!


The plating could use some help, but the overall flavor of this dish was definitely above average. We may have to chat about the amount of toppings though…

Great job this time around ladies and gents! Truly. Four out of five stars. The few lacking areas of our meal were missing potatoes in my Huevos Borrachos (need that starch to balance out the chorizo) and the faux pas with the coffee. It leaned toward the bland side and was not consistent. Some brews were a few shades above water. The food was so tasty and piping hot today. Oh! The Mexican toast was quite yummy. Must admit, I was pretty impressed.
The service was great and the atmosphere was welcoming, toasty & just delicious!

Mostly – Bravo, Meso Maya! I love the improvement and look forward to what tweaks you’ll be making next. Bring on the tasting!

Much love,