I keep seeing pinspirational messages. Subliminal hints from my subconscious to write more, run more, laugh more, cook more.
It’s almost as if someone is purposefully making me run across these peppy suggestions. Then this came along…

Periodic Table of Korean Foods- This is so cool!

It’s genius, don’t you agree? (not to mention, super cute & nerdy! – Find it at domandhyo.com)

As it so happens, one of the beau’s besties (broskis, if you will) invited us to
Jin’s Korean BBQ
3420 Ave K
Ste 200
Plano, TX75074

– a funky, yet modern twist on traditional Korean dishes.

It’s all you can eat for $30….and this joint is bumpin’!

This was definitely not expected…

The acoustics in here are lacking, so it felt like a night club, with all the lights on. Aca-awkward.


Yep, that’s one of the few things I would change.
The food was decent, but the atmosphere was not vibing well with me.
Once you get past the bright lights, big beef feel of the place – you can scour the menu and prepare to eat a veritable smorgasbord of Korean yumminess!


Excuse the plate, but check out the grill!

There are some dishes (like kimchi pancakes) that the kitchen cooks before having them sent to your table. Every table has a grill, with manual heat control, to cook the various meat dishes from the menu.
There are about 29 items to choose from and are paired with several vegetable sides (mostly pickled), which remain on the table and are periodically re-filled.




Veggie Fest!

Every plate comes with its own set of tongs, making you the awesome habachi chef! There’s not much room to flip anything around, lest you get pork juice on a neighbor or fellow restauranteur.


Which is exactly what may have happened here….


I’ve discovered that I am not a great fan of pickled dishes. A shame, according to my TJ (pictured above). He firmly believes everything is better with kimchi – and mybeau agrees. I just don’t get what all the cabbage fuss is about.


Thin Pork Belly – DELISH!

My favorite dishes were the savory bulgogi and the spicy hot wings.
Yep, they have hot wings. Sweet, with a subtle fire-alarm hot sauce that sneaks up on your taste buds and kicks them in the face!


What I learned –

Korean food, traditionally, does not carry several spices. Instead, the meat is served freshly sliced and ready to grill. It’s a serious departure from the slathering of sauces and overwhelming spices that many other cultures tend to use. So naturally, I found the lack of flavor odd. Not bad but, something was – quite literally – missing.
There was no salt or pepper available, nothing other than the pickled veggies to give my taste buds refuge.

We will likely visit these hot-plate tables again. If not for the food, at least the company. These tables are perfect for groups and entertainment. We had a barrel of laughs and then some more. Muahahaha!

Check them out for yourself!

Much love,