Velvet Taco Adventures

Sometimes life kicks you in the butt, stomps on your heart, punches your face and leaves you in a crumpled pile – alone and broken, expecting you to pick yourself up and get ready to have it all happen to you again tomorrow.

For those days, I recommend cake. Not too much of it, but a slice here and there never did anyone a darn bit of wrong. In fact, there’s just about nothing that a good ol’ slice of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting can’t fix. That’s a promise.

Check out Velvet Taco, on Greenville Ave. in Dallas, Texas
A scrumptious place to park your fabulous derriere when life is just too much. Their tacos deliver – every. single. time. [No, they don’t deliver to you…maybe if you paid them the right moolah — ask ’em]

Their cake though….dayum! It’s delicious, moist and sends your taste buds on a damn-near transcendent experience.
Let’s pause for a moment and think – cake. Mmmmm!


I hope your week is wonderful, sweet and everything yummy!

Much love,