We recently took a road trip to Austin. On our way down from Dallas, we sadly waved as we passed Baylor around 11pm, much too late to stop at Common Grounds. CG was closed, leaving me heart-broken. Any chance I have to stop on campus is a welcome experience. It’s like coming home; not stopping for a quick-sip was a bummer. [We made the time to stop on our way back to Dallas. Mmmm! Large Iced Bear Blend Cowboy…just like heaven.]

No reason to be down for long though, because I was promised Texas’ Best Donuts. Now, I’ve got to be the judge of this. Let’s be real here – who determines this donut tasting deliciousness? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind that job.

Back to these fried noms…

My Aunt & Uncle told me that Round Rock Donuts was a seriously rockin’ establishment.

I didn’t know what I was in for until I drove up to the mom and pop place. The parking lot was swarming with sugar junkies and  we managed to wrangle the last available parking spot. Don’t even get me started on the drive-thru line. [20 cars deep – I figure if I’m going to overhaul on the calories, I can at least walk to get them.]


Sleep-deprivation + Texas humidity = a not so cute look.

The line inside was not nearly as daunting. Not much stood between us and the guilty-pleasure of fried dough.

I’m a bit of a purist, so I ordered one donut and a dozen donut holes. The boys knew their faves already, so they left with 4 blueberry cake donuts and 2 apple fritters – plus personal milk pints, of course.

Take a look at these yellow beauties!

That’s right – I said yellow!

The donut gurus at Round Rock have made their donuts in this signature color since way back in the day. They’ve turned heads since 1926 and have made a multitude of headlines. These sweet treats are pretty tasty, but they’re lacking a je ne sais quoi. These little bits of Round Rock’s pride and joy are good, no one can doubt this, however – there’s no oomph.

I’m hoping a change-up will come up soon. A scrumptious batch of doughiness. Can’t you just taste it?

Quit slobbering.
Get out there and get some donuts!


Much love,



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