Summer vacation is almost up, which means I have realized just how out of shape I’ve gotten.
Volleyball practice started this week, which also coincides with my foray into coaching a high school sport.
Let’s just say, it’s been a challenging week!

I’ve worked out every single day and come home to work on class curriculum, volleyball workout routines, and map out my upcoming schedule. Part of this organization means I need to figure out just when the beau, friends, and I will be heading out to continue our 52 week, 52 restaurant challenge.

One of the restaurants we visited recently was the Pecan Lodge – why it only has 3.5 stars on YELP is beyond me.
Sure, their greens were too salty, and the wait time was ludicrous, but overall – this BBQ is all kinds of Texas food sexy.

They slow roast their meat, and it tastes like love…only, better!
You have a few selections, which makes choosing your meal while dealing with the gut-pleasing smell from the slow seduction of the smoke pits winding their way through your nostrils all the more distracting.
We chose several kinds of meat: the brisket, beef rib, pork ribs, and fried chicken.

The dishes we selected came with one or two sides.
I had a hankerin’ for the bacon-infused, bacon crumbled, macaroni and cheese.
It’s thick and creamy, bacon-blessed, but a bit too salty for my taste.

Jules ordered the greens, which were seriously lacking in flavor and down-home taste. These need fixin’, but do have some potential. I’ve got a friend who can fix these up for you guys, just let me know!

The beau chose the fried okra, which he’s discovered – is far from his favorite fried side. He also snagged the coleslaw, which he LURVED! It was sweet, tangy, crunchy and cold! Perfect for a Texas summer lunch. [Believe it or not, some restaurants serve coleslaw room temperature or warmer. Talk about disgusting!]

I can’t forget to tell you about the fried rib!
Holy mother of all things delicious.
When you visit this tasty establishment, you have to order one of these beauties.
Just one, lest you begin questioning the reliability of your taste buds and whether you’ve been missing out on other wonderful flavors in your lifetime.

My guess is these ribs are dredged in a spiced-with-wonderful-yumminess before being double fried to a scrumptious crisp. Pecan Lodge, you must let me visit your kitchen! This delectable treat was shared among the three of us, and it was fall-off-the-bone tender. We also happened to have ordered the last one of the day!


Dino-sized and packing a flavorful punch!


That’s right – they can run OUT of BBQ!
We arrived around 11:15am, and the line was already a winding, 50 people deep.
You can skip ahead if you’re going to order an obscene week’s worth of deliciousness.
In my humble opinion, it’s totally worth it! The beau and I will shamelessly visit again, and skip ahead to devour these goodies ASAP.

Dining here is a Dallas fave. It’s one of our new bbq loves, and boy – what an affair we will have.
The Pecan Lodge delivers finger-licking, fight-me-for-the-last-bite, sweet and smoky tenderness that begs the question – why the hell don’t you all serve sweet tea?

Honestly, not serving such a BBQ staple [especially in the South] is just plain wrong. Get this on your menu, pronto!
We loved this place.
How could we not, when it left the beau looking like this:



Superb tastiness in nearly every dish, but seriously – work on the sweet tea, guys.

We will visit you soon!


Much love,