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1L: Getting Through Winter Break

“Law school attracts all kinds of crazy. Yourself included.” – One of my Best¬†Friends Honestly, she’s not wrong. Law Students are a special breed of student. We get kicked in the teeth every single day, and keep coming back. There…

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BBQ Bliss

Summer vacation is almost up, which means I have realized just how out of shape I’ve gotten. Volleyball practice started this week, which also coincides with my foray into coaching a high school sport. Let’s just say, it’s been a…

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Daily Dose

PSA for your Sexy Self!

Hi ya’ll! It’s Christmas Eve! I’m spending my much-needed family time in the deep south. Tejas!¬† Growing up in such a rich (literally) Hispanic-centered foodie capital has had its thumbs ups and downs. For example, it took going to college…

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