The not-so little mini monsters came to visit last week!
We had a pretty packed, fun-filled experience.
It was my duty to wear them OUT, before getting them back to their mom & pop, my loving Aunt and Uncle.

First night, we spent in. That meant, we were going to have a cooking adventure!
So what did we decide on? A FISH FRY!


Tilapia were fried in Vegetable Oil

Tilapia, fried in Vegetable Oil


Goofiness runs in the fam[ILY]


It took us about 2 seconds the realize the FISH were missing


Everything was scrumptious.
Here’s a helpful tip for those of you who love corn on the cob! Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. DO NOT SALT the water. Add half or whole (whichever fits in your pot) corn cobs into the pot and boil them for 4-5 minutes. Take them out and let them cool for a few minutes before devouring chomping down eating like a proper young lady. 🙂
I like my corn with a bit of butter and a light sprinkle of salt.


This fish-ganza was just the first of many adventures for the boys and I.
We went to the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas and experienced the rich history of our short, human aviation experience.

He's decided First Class is where it's at.

He’s decided First Class is where it’s at.

This museum is pretty great, but they don’t let you actually get into any of the aircraft areas (Minus the Southwest behemoth they have parked in the hanger).

There’s an awesome Air Museum in Indiana that let’s you get into the cockpit of, what I believe was, and F-14. It’s been several years, so don’t hold to this information. I really hope they still allow that.

My cousins lurved this place, but the rest of the week only got better!
We went out to fly kites, made lasagna cups, watched movies, cooked bundles of food [seriously, these kids can EAT], and went bowling.
I tried to make sure their Dallas experience was memorable, because they won’t be back up here until Thanksgiving!

Jake's not as thrilled to have grubarazzi around to photog his food consumption.

Jake’s not as thrilled to have grubarazzi around to photog his food consumption.

Since it’s wicked-hot here in Texas, it’s important to relish the super cold foods, for the entire 3 seconds that they won’t be melting. Our fave stop of the trip? Wendy’s! We just love their Frosty Floats.



This visit was awesome. I loved hanging out with my cousins and enjoyed the hysterical conversations, family moments and bookstore trips. They’re the only two people I know who will put up with my crazy book love for several hours. Really, they’re the best.

In between outings, we went running, rock climbing, and out to the park.
Get out and spend time with your family. It’s been an experience with these two giants.
My summer would have been quite boring without them.


Much love to you and yours,