There’s this burger spot in what feels like the most awkward spot to park a restaurant along Greenville avenue.
When there are so many places to choose from along Dallas’ much-loved, mostly drunk-upon, street – why choose Grub?

Let me shed some light on why you’re eating at the wrong burger place.

You see, Grub’s located across the way from Desperado’s, Kosta’s Cafe, Rusty Taco, Start, and the soon to be nighttime Starbucks (which I will surely frequent). Grub has some serious food competition nearby, but nothing like their menu.
Burgers, shakes, and scary-ass ghost peppers…just a few of this couple’s favorite things.
Well, why lie – I wouldn’t eat a ghost pepper for anything less than one million dollars, but the beau sure does love the heat challenge. So do my two marine brothers, for that matter.
Just before David left for boot camp, we took him to Grub, thankfully – this establishment did not disappoint.

Now, you’re hearing this from a deeply proud Texan, who loves texas toast and Whataburger, but let me say this…Grub does it right, for the most part.


Luau Fries


Cheesy goodness

We started out with the luau fries and crawfish pistolettes. The latter were a bit too grainy for my liking. The bread was slightly undercooked, but the Mississippi Comebac Sauce – smooch! That tastiness should be on everything.
The luau fries have to be one of the most amazing pieces of fry art I have ever had the pleasure of eating. They have just the right amount of smoke on the pork, deep-fried to the perfect crunchiness, and slathered in more barbeque sauce than I should probably eat in one sitting (or seven).

The burgers were pretty great. They’re grilled just the way you like it, and the chef didn’t miss. I chose to faceplant into the Guacapotle, but was seriously bummed by their guac. My burger was cooked to perfection, then quickly ruined by the murdered-by-lemon guacamole.


The fries were phe-NOM-inal!

The boys were much braver and decided on the Ghost Burger.
At first, everything seemed ok – then things took a turn for crazy-funny.
Add this to the “oh shit” list for Marines.


The Beau's face when the burgers arrived

The Beau’s face when the burgers arrived




David was in the process of trying to make-weight for his ship date, so he shared a burger with my big guy.
A few bites later, the spice kicked in…and so did his reality of a spicy death for his taste buds.






He tried to drink some water, but that didn’t help him at all.
We ordered a shake for him, but while we waited – all he could do was…laugh.
You should know that the milkshakes are so damn goooood. Thick, creamy, and the type that goes straight to your ass, but you just don’t care. Yep, that freaking good.




Really, this boy must have laughed for a good five minutes. I’m pretty sure that’s how he got through boot camp too.
He laughed, and dreamt of this “amazing burger.” He loved it. I loved watching him laugh.
Crazy kid.

This restaurant is one of our favorites. Stop in for a meal and you’ll see why!