That’s right – I’m back bitches!

Here we are, 7 weeks into the semester…wondering, where the heck did the time go? Week 8 starts tomorrow, and I feel like this weekend didn’t even happen. I spent all day Saturday hacking up a lung, crumpled up into a ball, wishing for sweet, sweet death.


Thankfully, it didn’t come.
Sunday has proven a better health day. A breathe-easier, even though your lungs are on fire, kind of day. Honestly, I don’t have much to complain about. I’m sick. Boo. Despite all the crazy crap going on this semester, life is damn good. Aside from tomorrow being Monday, all is awesome!


My students are fantastic, my volleyball team nailed their first WIN, and the robotics team is programming like there’s no tomorrow! If there was no paperwork, I’d honestly teach for the rest of my life.
Since there is, I’ve started business school and am applying to law school.
Can you give me a WHUT, WHUT?

As I’ve finally gotten things squared-up and kicked my stress to the curb – I can get back to all things bloggy! The beau and I have been to three new restaurants, and have planned to visit three more! Bahahah! Foodles are always amazing! [Ok, not always…]

I’ve got to work on lesson plans now. Grrr…

Have a kick-ass week, my lovelies!
Get ready for a tasty recipe this week.


Much love,