There’s this specialty restaurant on SMU Blvd, this teensy place where Mel’s been dying to get her snack on. Tonight, we decided to order out, and we’re pretty glad we did!

5629 SMU Blvd., Dallas.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures (Never Fret – I included some mouth-watering ones from their site)….well, let me tell you – we ate way too damn fast!
There was no time for pictures.

Here’s the breakdown:

We ordered:
#1 Grilled Steak Bahn Mi – This lovely selection, grilled to perfection! That rhymed. The beau scarfed it down and licked his fingers, to boot! The steak was soft and succulent. A nummy treat!
#2 Pork Meatball Bahn Mo
BS-Menu-11Mel lurved her sammich! The meatballs were not anything like those found in traditional Vietnamese Pho, which is what I feared. They’re thick, tough to eat, and usually have an innocuous mixture of spices that just land in the vicinity of too damn peppery. Ugh. thankfully, this bahn mi’s meatballs were more like flavorful pork patties; crunchy, slightly sweet, with a deep smokey flavor that added to the over-all mouth-watering taste.

#4 Coconut Chicken Bahn Mi
This was the sandwich I chose, after having asked the (very nice & quite patient ) waiter what the most popular dishes were. He said this was the second most-beloved sandwich choice. Which now, after having eaten an entire one, begs the question – What the hell for?

I am so disappointed in this order. The chicken was bland, the bahn mi was wrapped in all-too-much mint, and there was truly nothing amazing about this sandwich.

We also ordered the Vietnamese street corn and summer rolls.
The corn was delicious! The nouc mam they mix in with the coconut milk is a pleasant change from the Dallas standard Mexican street corn. I say this with all my corazon this corn is buenisimo! Though I still experience a significant amount of mouth-drooling at a few of our fave Dallas Mexican restaurantes, this shop is a pleasant change on a great snack for the beau and I.

Here’s a warning though – stay the hell away from the SUMMER ROLLS! They’re gross. Too much mint, no added protein, and not a hint of flavor in the wrapping. Both Mel and Angel agreed that these tiny packages were disgusting. Don’t let the picture fool you, loves!

What the three of us decided – these Bahn Mi sandwiches are wrapped in an insane amount of bread. Yes, I get that bread is a cheaper commodity upon which you can stuff your customers full of – but why skimp on flavor?
Let’s do better about this, YUM! foods (they own this place, along with Taco Bell & Pizza Hut). I’m pleased to say that, had I not researched the restaurant, I wouldn’t have figured it for a fast food place. It is reminiscent of a mom&pop establishment, with great personality and an awesome down-home vibe from the staff. The shop was clean, cozy, and adorable.

Stop in at this yummy place THIS week! 
We may run by for a quick corn cup and the drunken noodles…the next dish I so desperately need to taste.

Have a delicious week!

Much love,