Law school is stressful. Sure, there are those who shrug off the reading assignments and make it look easy – but I’m pretty sure they go home, throw off the facade and the panic attack ensues. Maybe it doesn’t, and you’re doing so great in school…but that’s not the case for me

Every now and then, the reading gets too dense and I need to take a break. Being at school in downtown Dallas makes it pretty simple to walk away for a yummy lunch, where we don’t utter a word about classes or assignments. 

We’re serious about it too. My friend Matt actually made us put our phones in the middle of the table for a lunch recently and said, “You grab it, you buy for the group.” Annnnnd…since we’re all basically broke graduate students, we left our phones alone until the end of lunch. I highly recommend you do this from time to time and get to know your peers. Most of them are pretty amazing. :]


Right before midterms, a small group of us went over to The Crafty Irishman. It’s such a great place to snag a quick bite and (from what I hear, because I don’t drink them…) the beer selection is wonderful! This little gem opened a couple of weeks into law school this semester, and it has quickly turned into a class fave.

The fish and chips are good, but they’re deceiving. The batter looks crispy – that’s not the case. Which, is soooo disappointing. Sure, it’s flavorful, and the fish is (usually) well cooked, but this girl needs some crunch! Fish and chips should not be soggy. Sadly, this second trip was underwhelming. However, I will be back and hope that this dish has improved. I’m looking for some flaky-melt-in-your-mouth goodness, that was sorely lacking here.


Whit and Patricia ordered the Shepherd’s Pie. It must have been scrumptious because I wasn’t able to snap a picture of either dish before it was gone. Thankfully, Shel is a bit more patient (and possibly not quite as ravenous as the rest of us). She enjoyed the Scotch Eggs and said they “sound disgusting but are totally delish.” For those that don’t know, these are egg-stuffed sausage rounds that are then deep fried and drizzled with a mustard creme sauce. Though I haven’t tasted them yet, I can tell you – she didn’t leave a morsel on the plate. I’d say that’s high praise.


I for one am glad the Irishman is up and running. The owner is very approachable and always nice to the customers (except when you want to mix Irish Beers with “American Piss”) and the service is superb. I look forward to trying a few more dishes here, and maybe even sample some drinks. Lately, we’ve enjoyed lunch here; which is right before one of our classes. It’s not the easiest thing to recite case briefs and try to digest vodka. Take that as a tip, friends. Don’t drink and then go to class!